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What are the ingredients for the powder in relief?

Wow, what fun stuff is embossing powder! I found the following for you: http://www.sierra-enterprises.com/embossing_powder_recipe_book.htm (You can buy a book! is $ 10)

Scrapbook printing is a technique that creates a raised image on your scrapbook pages that can not only see but also feel. It is a great way to add texture and size of a page. You can add highlighted in many different colors for the letters on the page, a frame around a image or design special along a border, for example. Everything you need to do is be creative and use your imagination.

As the technical specifications of the improvement must be practiced several times before actually putting the image in your notebook. You do not want to learn a new skill by trying to create a beautiful album - an error and hours of hard work can be destroyed. In addition, you must ensure that strengthen, not trying to focus on the photos - the heat used in the process can damage or even destroy the images valuable.

Scrapbook printing requires you to buy paper and rubber stamps, embossing ink pads, embossing powder, a type of heat source for waste paper collecting dust and a fine tip brush.

Just stamp the image you want on your paper and generously sprinkle the powder on the image highlighted. Any excess powder is collected on the sheet of paper underneath, but you can also use a fine-tip brush to brush the excess powder from the image. You now have to use any heat source - the ideal is a special tool for relief from the heat, but an iron will work as effectively on the back page of the heat will not stay too long if the page can burn. You apply the heat long enough for the powder skiing - no more.

But if you prefer a simpler option - why not try readymade images recorded on your scrapbook pages. Most scrapbooking stores these days have taken the job away from you and learn, apparently, all the drawings and object of every color imaginable that you can use immediately. No need dirt or dust of charred paper.

For an elegant look your scrapbook, why not consider the coverage and spine embossed in a professional manner. There are many companies that specialize in the provision of this technique and the finished album, you will receive is a fine tribute to their memory.

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