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craft ideas for cricut expression?

I just got my cricut expression and have just been fooling around with it. are there any good websites with craft ideas using the cricut or any suggestions on stuff i can make?

I bought the Sure Cuts A Lot program for use with my Cricut Expressions machine. Used in conjunction with my computer I can cut anything that I want. Whether it be for Scrap Booking, Card Making or other.
I suggest you visit to find out more information on this product. I haven't looked back and neither have my friends who I have recommended it too.
Plus, you only need one Cricut Cartridge to make it work. Saves plenty of money instead of buying new cartridges all the time. Once the program is on your computer it is there for life (unless you uninstall, of course)
Hope this helps!

The scrapbooking business is not a joke. In addition to learning the process of conceptualization or come up with the designs you want, there are also investments they are involved in the first place, you need to buy tools that can help achieve the results you want. Say what I can do everything this manually, which is bollocks. To return to the stone age and do all the old, just opposite. With the rise of technology to have much been made available to the common man. The Cricut Machine is one of them and Cricut mats to be used with it.

The Cricut machine is the tool responsible for cutting the designs You Choose, either a cartridge or software tool. The average cost of a Cricut machine is about $ 300 and can go higher, depending on the model you choose. Despite the price, this tool is useful to have, and give the best results. Undoubtedly. Cricut mats on the other hand, is the tool used in the celebration of your paper in place when you put it on the Cricut machine to cut. That poor child is like a tape and stick it in a role like hitting the damn thing. Depending on the size of the mat, the price can vary with the cheapest is $ 9. An error that many people with their Carpet is they do not know how to maintain it. Most of the time, the viscosity is lost due to mismanagement.

So how to ensure continuity the carpet?

To begin, make sure your coverage at any time. When you're done with him, put a lid on top of carpet. A transparent plastic can help a big problem. If you have two grids, then used either to meet face to face everyone. In addition, clean excess paper left in the carpet. You can do this by using baby wipes. However, if your carpet has already exceeded their cricut life expectancy despite sincere efforts on his part to keep it, you can use a pillow spray to recover its viscosity.

These are just some of many tips that can be used to help ensure that your carpet to go the distance.

Marsha Brascher has created her cricut site so that she can offer her expertise to help all crafting enthusiasts out there. She is happy to present her knowledge to you in the hope that it will aide in your enjoyment of creating Your Own specialty crafts. Discover more about cricut mats and learn practical information about Cricut concepts and designs, check out her popular eCourse at =>


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