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Why I'm not happy, but all is well with me?

All what I want .... good position, promotion, good pay, good family, good health ... but I do not feel right ...

I'm in the same situation as you, and I realize I'm not as happy as I could be the way my Life is luxurious. To achieve happiness in your case (and no, not "just" depression, anyone who would be just before a word like that would not know what they're talking about), you should: Look up (literally) in the mirror, or old photos of yourself, smile and find true happiness and that is something different exposure to false (ie, smiles for photographers, because you are making a grimace of course not as happy as you think). Take a few minutes to develop their application with the happy smile on reality, while the use of this smile from now all smiles. Although not a happy situation as posing for a photo. This will delicacies from around the world in which they interact, it is supposed to be very happy. The point is, happiness is contagious, and if you are not satisfied, you look, and extend to those around you, and return them to you ... It is a vicious circle must be broken and I've noticed. We also have begun to establish by 1) asking for help with your question and 2) for help and reading a response. What are you going to do after receiving the physical part of your good news Vibe (another thing you can work on your smile is happy after a good position for the same reason) is to find something that makes you happy. Yes, you have work and family and health, but these things are not happy! Happiness only do good (or bad) and be good (or bad). I know sometimes help my family, the kitchen, "On an old woman in the street make me happy. But when not know / not running, you can make me unhappy, but I still do these things. If I can not be happy to help, then I go to the bad things or lenient. You can do all things bad you want, as long as you are very happy and that do not directly affect the happiness of another person. For example, do not cheat on your wife / husband, and not kill the dog barking next door, but something close to undermine their efforts to address them both happy at the time BIG TIME! Women bother calling you an idiot when I was not, then act as one for some time! not like the pot too expensive Dijon? Accidentally falling! Do not like your neighbor? pay for a child to cross the city to shed its trash in your garden! Do it twice! if it makes you happy and brings smiles DO IT! Or are you going to die unhappy. The good news is, you are not satisfied, but happy, no. you is in the region between happy and unhappy country. However, these instructions work for both. Life seems dull and boring, start changing the way you do! make bike ride / instead of driving somewhere, going to tea, coffee and coffee, tea, anything, just change all the facets of his life as little more is thought to herself, you need to help! doctor will not help you, because you can not help! Doctors do not like Pharm. companies only want to pay for it! I do not get paid here, and I want to help. Is what you are doing the work for me, practice is the next step and that is where to take over. might be talking on a minute and prescribe the death or to send to a head shrink. The two bad things. Now go to work and refine and define your happy smile, and take steps to win! mrmikehep

The pursuit of happiness does not make sense - let me explain why

If you're looking for happiness, my advice is to drop Now! Their quest is futile, you will never find the place you are looking for is not here. To resign oneself to the fact that simply is not there.

However - do not despair that I have good news for you. Powerfully positive people have discovered that the pursuit of happiness is futile but in a permanent happiness. How do they do?

The first thing you do is - stop looking for happiness. Stop at this time.

If you're looking for happiness looking at the wrong place. Why? This is because happiness is not there. You've already - inside you.

Most people think that things that make them happy, and it is in these things. If they had that car or home or on vacation, or has such a wonderful spouse, or money or wealth, or the love of his life that would be happy. The list is endless. This thought is erroneous thinking. Things do not make you happy. The only things you can do is help to make you happy.

Let me give you example.

Have you ever said to himself: "If I had X, I'd be happy." To say "X" is a private residence, the house of your dreams. Having your dream home means he would never be happy again the UN? No. You still have days when you wake up on the wrong side of bed. Two days have happy and unhappy while living in the house of your dreams.

In most of the X, or the home of your dreams, can only help make you happy for example, have the pleasure of sitting on the porch (even if unsuccessful) and watch the sun rise.

So if your dream does not buy happiness X what makes you happy?

You happy is as simple as that!

Happiness is a choice. This a decision. Happiness is active, and not outwards. And always have it in you, available 24 / 7 in a moment's notice.

To be happy you just choose to be happy, and this is what people have found very positive.

Have you met people who seem have everything, but not happy? Have you met people who seem to have nothing, but always seem to be happy (they are strongly positive people)? Yes How can this be? Because happiness is a choice.

By choosing to be happy, there are two things to consider. These are:

1) I can choose to be happy now?

2) Should I choose to be happy in the future?


Happiness is a state. You are in complete control of its state at some point (but not like this one).

How is controlled by your state?

Just keep in mind that if you remember a time when they were happy that you start to feel happy or if you remember a time when laughed at his head start to laugh your head. You can take complete control of how which you feel all the time, do not forget to remember the good times.

So all you need to do to be happy now

1) decide to be happy and

2) I remember a time when you feel happy and increase their level of happiness. The details Remember the happy times and the greatest number of moments of happiness you'll happiest memory.


Your happiness in your future depends on the decisions you make now about how to act in accordance (or not) with their values. If you decide to act in accordance their values are more likely to be happy. If you act in a manner that conflicts with their values that are less likely to be happy.

To give you a better chance of happiness you need to make happiness a priority and invest in their happiness, do not leave to chance. Calendar of happiness in your calendar, then his appointment.

If starting to be happy today, act as a powerful positive person to choose for happiness, happiness and making a priority in your living.

About the Author

Damian Miles is a life coach and NLP Practitioner and an expert in helping people to live the life of their dreams, and helping people become Powerfully Positive People. For more information on how you can start living your dream life, or on how to become a Powerfully Positive Person and start doing so TODAY check out Damian's website at http://www.liveyourdreamlifetoday.co.uk


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