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What can you tell me about my sun / moon / rising signs?

Hello, what do you say about me? Both internal characteristics and external? My Sun is Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, and I'm an Aquarius rising.

4.10 Cancer / Capricorn The combination of Sun and Moon sign produces a good party of ambition and determination of his personality. However, it hides beneath a mask of sympathy and understanding. Le Soleil Cancer is, of course, understanding and affection, which reduces the normal cold Capricorn Moon. This gives a good view and a penetrating human nature. You are well equipped to a role in a kind of official or public responsibility, and able to obtain recognition of their work in this regard. Prestige and status are likely to flow your way if you make no effort to bring to the public. You have a way reassuring as they always seem willing to take responsibility and work hard to achieve goals. Expects things of value require a good deal of effort. Discreet and unpretentious, which is always ready to drag their share of the load. You will appreciate the value of a dollar but it is not likely to save costs in obtaining the quality of your investment. High degree self-discipline allows you to save or even earn money for that day rain. Do you have a suggestion in a way that produces nice and warm, but his goal remains firm and resolute. This mix of personal and sincere Nice, with the computing center business, that much without hurting anyone's feelings. Allows you to gather and maintain many friends along the road. You know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face and has a keen sense of understanding people instinctively detection and their motives. Cancer / Aquarius You are both very sensitive and very intelligent. Used immediately to your advantage, because even if you feel superior to others [is possible that even actions] do not receive such aristocratic impression of you. Its sensitivity and intelligence enables you to communicate with people without condescending to them. A strong innate intuitive helpful in the business world, especially knowing what to buy and where to buy or sell. You can make a good politician or a theater actor because people like the warmth of her voice and dynamic presence. Your mind tends to the scientific community and the ability critical to analyze things and situations. Your mind is a strong excess of nervous energy than anything else. Stress in general, indigenous This combination effects in the stomach or some type of gastrointestinal disease. Socially, you should be very popular since it can really sympathize with while people with a deep understanding of their needs and requirements. You can customize your messages to appeal to the demographics of the different groups you associate with. A comfortable home and good food are essential for their welfare. In love and relationships without much work, which tend to be emotional, but also individual and selfish. You are usually not a good option ratio long term. Can be formed, however.

The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign in Astrology!


The sun sign is that most people are aware that it is easy to calculate what is used most frequently by the general population.

The symbolism of this planet we show how we consciously express ourselves - What compare the process of discovering our 'Sun' in the process of individuation described by Carl Jung. In terms of the Sun's position and its relations with other planets This may be a process that is easy or difficult. The Sun is now I relate to the animus.

Men tend to associate with the Sun more naturally / easily the woman because she is a masculine energy and is psychologically the father and authority figures as well as identity and ego. Other keywords associated with the Sun is the vitality and purpose.

In a letter of sun a woman can represent the type of features found attractive in a mate or experiences through his father and Other important men in her life.


The Moon changes sign every 2 1 / 2 days depending on the speed at which it is traveling time. In Jungian terms I think there is a close link between the Moon and the anima.

Unconscious actions can be attributed to the moon, and feelings and needs. Instinct, emotions, care and feminine qualities are also represented by this point in the graph. Moon shows us how they react instinctively to a level of feelings when we are creatures of habit.

As the sun tries to be different, Moon symbolizes the relationship of identity and fusion.

Usually, a woman associated with your Moon sign, because it is an energy Women.

Men can have the Moon symbolism represented by its relationship with the mother or nurturing the figure while growing up. When it comes relations of a man usually seeks the themes represented by placing the Moon in your chart.

Ascendant sign (also known under the highest)

Since the Ascendant is calculated using the exact time of birth, for example, when a person came into the world, then this point in the picture symbolizes the birth of the environment a person is born. It can also describe the birthing process itself!

I use the list as an indication not only of this type of environment a person is born, but also as a guide to how the experiment others from the first of the individual.

Psychologically speaking, the Ascendant indicates the type of character (another term used by Jung) that a person has been created to deal with the world and people in general. In other words, our ancestors is the mask "that we carry have to cope with new situations and people the world in general.

Physically, he can describe what looks like a person, and what kind of health problems an individual may face at some point in their lives.

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