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Cricut Design Studio?

Has anyone used this software and if so, did you like it or not?

Yes I have it and anything I am going to cut out I layout in the Design Studio software. It lets you know the exact placement of what you are going to cut, which way it will be turned on the paper, how large it will be, etc. I waisted a lot of paper before buying the DS. Not to mention all of the wear on my blade and mat. In my opinion the DS is a must...I would invest in it even before buying another cartridge if I were you. DS lets you weld letters together from any of the font carts and you can weld items, shapes, letters, anything off of the carts--to make new items. These new images you create are called cut files and a lot of cricut owners share these online, just go to and you will see a lot of people sharing their files. What you can do to see if you like it is go to the cricut web site and down load the free trial version. It will allow you to work with the carts that originally came with your machine, either George or Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials. I did this for about a week and then I knew I had to buy it so I would be able to use it on all of my other carts. It is a very easy program to use but I recommend reading the instructions first---I didn't and about wanted to pull my hair out. After reading over the instructions it was a piece of cake. You will absolutely love it.

4 easy ways to find the Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge

How can you get your hands on one of the most sought after Cricut cartridges Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge?

It is easy if you know the right tricks. No plans to go to a regular store and find the focus Essentials Cricut cartridge, however, because you will not find it.

Accent Essentials Cricut cartridge sold exclusively with the expression machine, so you will not find in stores. If you're not one of those lucky ones who bought the machine of expression, which must be a little creative in exclusive pursuit of this cartridge.

1. Have a swap cartridges. Invite your colleagues and friends scrapbooking paper art together. In the invitation, a list of most "Wanted" cartridges. All guests bring their own cartridges that are willing to exchange, we hope that for most "wanted" list as a guide. In exchange, you can swap cartridges for a limited period of 2 weeks. During these two weeks, may face many projects and decide for yourself even if the emphasis Essentials Cricut cartridge is a cartridge that you want in your permanent collection.

2. Visit an online auction site. Thank you to the Internet, contacting suppliers, literally around the world. Online, you can find people who focus Essentials Cricut cartridge, but do not want and are willing to sell. If you do not want to surf on auction sites large, there is even an easier option for you. visit to see an updated list Cricut cartridges for sale on eBay. The cartridges, price and delivery information can be found for you without you having to do a search on eBay.

3. Check the local classifieds. Many elements of the list persons on sale in the newspaper or online classifieds like Craigslist. If you can find someone locally who sells cartridges Cricut emphasis Essentials, which will still able to see the product before buying. The listings are updated daily, so check again if you do not find what you're looking for the first attempt. You can also publish articles of "Wanted" from the item you are looking Cricut Accent Essentials cartridge. Can be contacted by someone who does not believe posting their cartridges, but is ready to discard.

4. Scrapbooking Forums Visit online forums and groups. You can search through messages, or create a post of their own. You can open the possibility of exchanging some of its cartridges Unused emphasis Essentials Cricut cartridge, or you can offer someone buying used. If you're ready to buy a used cartridge, To make sure it posted. The likelihood that someone will answer your question is more, since the whole site is dedicated to your audience.

Whether you trade in a cartridge to cartridge Cricut Essentials accent or if you want to buy directly, it is easy to find what you need, if you know where to look.

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