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Are acid-free, magnetic photo albums a good choice for organizing and saving family pictures?

These albums have the pages with a sticky background and clear plastic overlay. I know in the past these type of pages used glue that could ruin your photos. Are the new ones (acid-free) OK to use? If not, what are some other suggestions for saving photos in albums?

Personally, I try my best to stay away from the magnetic albums because of the glue. It's not that the sticky isn't Acid Free. It's just that the sticky was ... well, just too sticky. Supposing there comes a time when you want to remove them to scan them in somewhere, it could be difficult to remove, almost to the point where it'd tear the photos themselves.

I've seen it happen when I worked in a one hour photo lab, it wasn't pretty. The magnetic albums may be getting better now... But personally I'd perfer not to find out.

I usually am a pretty big fan of the albums that have actual sleeves of a specific size (usually the 4x6 ones). They may be less versatile with assorted photo sizes, but removing the print is as easy as sliding it out from the sleeve. The sleeves are usually Acid Free (also called Archival), so they won't do any undue damage to your prints as well.

Coffee, Alcohol, and the Acid Reflux Connection: Do these drinks cause Heartburn?

Recent evidence suggests that drinking coffee and alcohol probably does not cause acid reflux.  In other words, if you don't already have acid reflux or heartburn, coffee and alcohol will not induce these conditions.

However -- as many people who suffer from heartburn know -- coffee and alcohol can have an adverse effect on their digestive system.

Just one cup of coffee or glass of wine can be the catalyst for hours of acid reflux and heartburn.  Fortunately, there is a way to safely treat these conditions before they happen, so that coffee and alcohol can be consumed without discomfort or harm from reflux.  Prelief is an absolutely safe (the ingredients have long been considered safe by the FDA) product that can be taken just before consuming these drinks, rendering these drinks acid-free. Check out the link below for more info.

If you're suffering from bouts of acid reflux and heartburn because of coffee and alcohol, or you don't want to avoid these drinks, try Prelief.  It's a  harmless acid reducer that's affordable -- especially when compared to antacids and other remedies, which many people avoid for health reasons.

The market is full of remedies for acid reflux.  Most are effective at relieving the burning.  Some -- known as proton pump inhibitors (e.g., Prilosec) -- completely shut down the acid pumps in the stomach.  Proton-pump inhibitors are often expensive, and long-term effects of using them is unknown.

The most gentle and effective way to stop food-induced acid reflux is to either stop consuming coffee and other trigger foods, or find a way to reduce the acid in these foods.  Prelief does this, rendering your coffee and alcohol drinks safe again.

Soren Michaels is a coffee and wine lover who can finally enjoy those beverages again. Find out more at

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Soren Michaels is a coffee and wine lover who can finally enjoy those beverages again. Find out more at

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