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scrapbooking question ...?

I'm definitely looking Disney Script font acrylic stamps, but have not been able to find online. Someone Is it useful? I saw the print, but I want the police in particular script.

Michael I would check or Hobby Lobby.

Casting our world: Plastics in our daily lives

What are plastics?

Plastic as we know it today are generally synthetic or semi-finished products or raw materials, formed by polymerization, and are largely derived from petroleum. Polymerization is the formation of polymers is repeated as many small units (monomers) linked together.

It was not until the 1860s the first semi-synthetic materials or plastics have been brought to the attention of the world, and since the development of thermoplastic throughout the 1900s is difficult to imagine how difficult life would be like without the plastic. The main reasons for plastics have replaced more traditional materials are very clear when you think of them.

What is good on plastics?

Plastics are relatively light and very resistant. The hundreds of different varieties of plastic eventually be recycled, but only in recent years that our society the United Kingdom began to take advantage of recycling plastic, often in combination with our collection of waste per week. Plastics have great clothes thermal and insulating properties (, carpet, bedding, etc..) Plastics are resistant to many chemicals and water, in addition to being strong.

More specifically, however, plastics have proven to be relatively cheap to produce, and are versatile, they can take almost any shape and color.

What are the main types of plastic and what is the difference between them?


They were developed in the 1930s. Acrylics are especially resistant to weathering and sunlight. Acrylic is particularly effective as plastic, and transmits light. Applications include titles brochure posters, windows Windows boat and point of sale to name a few.


Often misspelled as Plexiglas, Perspex is made a mark for a type of transparent thermoplastic resin which is essentially a mixture of acrylic and polycarbonate.


First developed in the 1950s, they are more popularly engineering thermoplastic applications. This is due to the strength of polycarbonate with the versatility, and electrical insulation properties. Applications include protective devices, capacitors, etc. as


There is a range of polycarbonate. It is popularly developed in sheet form and is widely recognized as a kind of 'clear' plastic.


Another plastic in the 1950s with industrial applications, which is particularly suited for packaging hot-fill, because it has low density, but it is very rigid. Other applications include carpets and packaging.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be fashioned an exceptionally wide variety of products. The chemical plant applications PVC tanks are burning, and the ducts of Clean Air Systems.


Terephalate polyethylene glycol (PETG) is another thermoplastic industry. Applications include frames, sign holders and point of sale.

What takes shape

progress in manufacturing plastic molding, casting, extrusion, thermoforming, cutting, forming, machining, gluing, welding, sheet stamping, plastics, fibers and solid blocks means that our imagination provides the only real limits on what can take the form of plastic.


If you asked most people who would be unlikely to really know what they are plastic, and even more likely to be able to distinguish between many types. Even so, plastics are a central and essential part of modern life.

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