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Can I use acrylic paint on glass?

I bought a cup of tea in the mini Michael and I want to paint a different color. Will work acrylic paints? Tea is brilliant when it is sealed, is white. I tried this before with spray paint and ruined my tea because I had a lot small air bubbles and uniformity and dries very quickly there was no time to take off and stuck in reality. I guess the spray paint is my best option, but How I can spray in all the nooks and crannies, and always painted in a uniform manner, without drips or bubbles? Is there another way to paint this?

Here some information on painting on glass: seems that you can use acrylic paint, if the item is not ow manipulated both or washing, if the tea is OT in use, I probably should choose a painting to cook. Also see a series Expert Village videos to paint on glass

How to paint a surfboard

We pimp your ride.

You must first decide if you want to paint the whole board, or just make a great design. I will guide you through both processes.

Step 1: What You Need.

Acrylic Automatic spraying

- The inner layer (1 x 150ml can).

- Main Color (I used 3 x 150ml cans of Holt, color: Aurora).

- Remove the top layer (about 300 ml).

If you want to paint funky designs are water-based pens. Legendary Artist Drew Brophy board sells Sharpie pens.

A strip of low adhesion tape reel.

A sheet of 600 grit sandpaper.

A newspaper.

Step 2: Clean.

Wake up errors in a well ventilated area, out of the wind or get stuck anywhere.

Pad Tire tread carefully (do not handle them gently with a spatula while pulling). Or, you can put it on tape and on with newspaper more later if you want to work quickly and painting around them.

Now clean this forum. I mean really clean. Scrape the wax, then wipe the board thoroughly to remove all wax, dirt and salt (can use this cucumber wax). Do not use strong solvents or memory can be melted in a dish propagation. teeth repair.

Step 3: Sanding.

Give a light but thorough sand everywhere. Do not be lazy when it comes to sanding. I spared no place in this step and go paint in places.

This is particularly important in areas of wear such as the nose, rails and tail.

Step 4: spray painting.

Joint board to you can hold the bottle during spraying. Use the past long, smooth horizontal overlap slightly.

It is preferable a good pair of thin layers, even though the drip of paint and see if you went up way too thick fog.

If you aspire to spray paint the first newspaper in practice. Paint the areas least visible in early (like around your finger or the top of your deck when the wax is gone).

Read the instructions for the paint drying time.

A primer, then two coats of your primary color. Give a light sand between coats.

If you want to have multiple color bands other areas with newspaper to protect them.

Step 5: Funky Designs.

If you want to get the paint pens, under the water-based marker to make drawings. They allow a large number of colors and details.

You can also burn em Templates aerosol.

Draw a first draft. Bravo Surf recommend thinking big for their design, because the small things often appear.

Do not worry if you 're wrong. Any tape from the rest of the design, re-jet covering, then restart.

Step 6: Apply a topcoat.

Finish with two or three layers of clear nail polish.

Now you can say it's a movie and a punter Tuflite on eBay.

You make millions.

Visit surfing reversal.

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