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Should i use Glue or Tape? (keep reading...)?

i want to add rhinestones to my rumor 2 and ipod video. im just gonna make a trail of rhinestones around the screen.

should i glue them? if so, hot glue gun or craft glue?

or shoudl i but rhiesones w/ adhesive on the back? will they fall off?

i want them 2 not be so permanent that they never come off w/out peeling away the paint, but not so unpermanent they fall off in a week.



I wouldn't use glue gun glue myself at all. It's not all that permanent, plus it's hard to use for something like this.

Some of the adhesive-backed "rhinestones" will be strong enough probably (as long as you properly prepare the surface first by cleaning with alcohol, etc.), but other kinds of glue would be good.
The most permanent glue would be a (clear) 2-part epoxy glue (mix a little on paper, then apply with a toothpick, etc... repeat)...the longer the set time for an epoxy glue, the even stronger it will be btw.
You could also use a silicone type glue like E6000...that should hold pretty well too and will dry clear and be a tad flexible which can sometimes help.
Or, perhaps a clear "cement" (tho no flexibility there).
Or you could use a strong white glue meant for "jewels" like Jewel-It or GemTac would be good. Some other white glues are really strong too (Weldbond, The Ultimate by Crafter's Pick), but not Elmers GlueAll, etc.

Most of those things will probably bring any "paint" with them if removed later however, although often paints used on electronics are special types which are baked-on and shouldn't come off.
You probably won't find anything strong enough to hold well that wouldn't do that though if the paint were peelable in the first place. You could maybe try the E6000 glue though, then try applying a bit of heat or real-warmth when you want to remove the stones later which should soften that glue and make it "fail."


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