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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Air Brush Kit products and information here meets your needs.

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Want to know what you think luminess airbrush makeup. Feed back is appreciated.?

Given the product in an infomercial and was interested in buying. I would like some information to any person using the product. It really is, does it cover? Is it good for all skin? Not only will you use your make-up kit, etc ... any information would really help. Thanks a lot .... 🙂

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Essential Decorator Kit

Paint and wallpaper is much easier if you have the proper equipment on hand. See our list kit and avoid last-minute scripts for the DIY store.

Tools of the Trade:

Buy short and telescopic poles to reach the walls. rolls are more valuable head synthesis, which are ideal for painting surfaces smooth with emulsions and water-based paints.

Buy the best quality brushes you can pay and take good care should last for years. You will need a door of 50 mm to 100 mm for walls, floors and ceilings. Small paintbrushes, 2.5 cm, leaves and brush (used for cutting) are essential for a difficult job.

Wire brush
For remove paint chips and rust.

Paper hanging scissors
Extra-long sheets to help you cut straight lines.

Masking tape
Beware your painting needs - always use tape to cover the wall outlets and windows for a professional finish.

Keep clutter to a minimum: you can clean a sponge paint spills and pasta quickly and easily.

Removes old paint and paper.

You fine and coarse to smooth and finish wood and plaster. Cordeau
Ideal for drawing simple and precise straight lines.

A simple device to make paper you are suspended vertically.

Or brush wallpapering
Soft bristles wallpaper easily slipped into the air bubbles and extra glue.

Paint Buffer
An alternative to brushes and rollers, pads, paint applicators can cover a large area of the wall quickly.

Paint Protector
Often nicknamed "George", this keeps your windows, moldings and baseboards free time splashing paint.

This is the fastest way to strip wallpaper without damaging the plaster. Buy one of about 25 books or rental of about £ 18 for a weekend. Steam, £ 25, Earlex

The spills in order to use one to cover and protect dustsheet walls and furniture.

brush glue
brushes Specialist wallpaper has soft bristles, so they are easy to use but can use a broad brush in place.

Paint tray
Make sure it is big enough for rollers and paint pads. A final section will hold more paint so deep to be filled less often.

Wallpaper Table
A paste table W-leg is very sturdy and folds for easy storage. Plastic models are easier to maintenance than wood.

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