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I just got a professional spray tan ...?

Ok, just got back from my spa and I got a professional spray tan, about an hour and a half, there was such a mystic who was a professional air brush tanning ... There is an instant tan, but how long does it for every color to appear?

2-6 hours.

Painting Tips: How to spray paint in his house

When painting the exterior of your home, you might consider renting a sprayer. Paint your house with an airless sprayer can save many hours of work, obtain a more uniform finish, and reduce the amount of paint needed to do the job. However, if you decide to paint with an airless sprayer should follow some rules and tips.

First, by spraying the outside of a house, you must take special care in masking process. The impact of the air from the spray nozzle is sufficient to set aside enough to guarantee paper / plastic mask. In addition, the tip of the gun can push beyond the traditional paint, coatings therefore unprotected areas adjacent to the targeted area. For best results, completely hide all that in five or six feet in areas that the intention of painting. In short, it must completely cover all windows, doors, roofs, air conditioning units. Also, remove all objects such as plants, barbecue, garden furniture, etc. in the immediate vicinity. Do not worry, you'll save time by spraying, over brushing and mobile, will more than offset the amount of extra work you put to hide or preparation.

Second, you must rollback any problem areas. The reason for the spraying of your home can save material is that you can use less paint to cover most regions. Generally, a spray can get a better coverage of the future under a paint roller can. But Stock issues: wood in rough places, areas where the paint is scratched, cracked wood, etc.-back is necessary (we ask for advice Rolling on the back).

Finally, it is important to maintain the correct pressure flow spray paint. Essentially, you want to pressure (psi) through the lines of your sprayer to be enough to prevent irregular lines of figure painting. The lines occur in the structure of spray paint and may leave visible lines in the finish. In addition, low pressure, spraying does not more consistently. It is also important to avoid too much pressure (PSI), as this will cause a greater amount of spray paint waste.

If you are intimidated by the idea of renting an airless sprayer, no. Carefully and patience, anyone can learn to use a spray machine paint successfully.

I hope this advice is useful and can produce a beautiful finish and professional home. Remember, a new coat of paint on the outside of your home adds considerably to the appeal and reduce the value of your home.

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