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Can you go to the Air Force and become a pilot without having to attend the Air Force Academy?

Because I want to be a pilot in the Force Air before going to college .. Is this possible?

As others have mentioned, can not become an Air Force pilot, untitled university. To be eligible to become a pilot must first be put into service as an officer, and this requires a college degree. That this is not necessary to go the Academy to become an officer. You can become an officer of his studies at the Academy, a school offering AFROTC program, or university, and then apply after the OTS. In each of these programs can compete for a space pilot. Each program has different ratings for the slot. This is because every year there is only one certain number of slots. For example, say a year has 1,000 places available for graduates of each of the sources of development. The Academy will receive 400 AFROTC get the 400, and OTS get 100. Since only about 900 graduates of the Academy cadets each year and they are all medically qualified pilot of a cadet at the Academy has a very good opportunity to obtain housing. About AFROTC Cadet 1750 entry into service in a year, so I obviously have a much lower probability of obtaining a slot. I'm not sure of the numbers of the OTS, but again, the possibilities are not as good as the Academy at least, maybe tied with AFROTC.


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