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Ideas air brush walnut skin color?

I am African American. I have a walnut skin. I am black, but dark skin. I like honey clomplexion walnut toast. I have stretch marks on my arms, I thought to try my airbrush exposed skin during the summer. Legs, arms, chest, face and neck. I want to see flawess but not false. Any ideas? Sermons I DONT I know that beautiful and humanly created, I want as an accessory for the summer months.

Sinlessness is false .... no such thing in this world! Even nature / God (whatever your belief) that they were anatomically symmetrical one eye is slightly larger than others, even with the legs, arms, breasts, etc. We all have some kind of fault in one way or another, I say to hell to worry about the grooves wear with pride and fun in the sun during the summer. You will live much longer! Confidence is the key and overcomes all the shortcomings that you feel that you may have. 🙂

Airbrush Tanning Systems

Airbrush tanning is a form of sunless tanning in which tanning liquid is applied as those containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) on the body with an airbrush or spray. With the increase of this method of tanning, there are currently many products and tanning systems airbrush available on the market. Here are some of them.

Jet Tan Airbrush Tanning Trio: The airbrush tanning system has a solution tanning Tanner faces a moment and sunscreen. The solution includes an instant Tan Tan that dries in 5-10 minutes and a self-tanning ingredient that reacts with amino acids develop a natural tan in about 3-4 hours. The moment Tanner and Bronzer for the face is specifically designed to give the face a moment gilded bronze, and a sunscreen to avoid over-browning/over-tanning in the area of color trend. The trio of tanning is available for $ 17.

Salon Airbrush System: A product of Key West Rayz, it is a business unit of single-piston compressor portable airbrush work generally, which is operated without oil. It has an automatic shutoff feature that reduces noise and reduces engine wear, loop filter, and eliminate the accumulation moisture in the air hose, and operates at pressures up to 30 bars. Other features include 0.5 mm needles and nozzle combination, setting the main power lever, the lever and double action main fight against weighted ergonomic handle. The system costs about $ 400 to $ 500.

Airbrush Tanning System Professional: The package includes a silent compressor with air tank and automatic on / off switch decree which regulates the air pressure to 40 PSI a high quality tanning 3000TT Badger Brush with handle maximum flow back 10FT Air Hose, two Clear 2 oz jars with adapters. The sample solution includes updating and tanning lotion Zoom and decreases in intensity. Professional Airbrush Tanning costs system approximately $ 500.

Nuress HVLP tanning system: This kit includes an airbrush tanning system spray, soft gentle scrub Polish corps clean and smooth lotion with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, a tanning solution with skin conditioning aloe vera, balm barrier, and an instructional DVD and nose clip and goggles. A simple twist locks the spray unit to the turbine and the fire hose for easy storage. System tan costs about $ 150.

Silver Jet Airbrush Tanning System Home: This is a person, lightweight, entry-level compressor that adjusting the working pressure 10-18 PSI. The system includes a spray tanning coiled air hose, Iwata Pistol Grip Filter, pressure release button handle, airbrush holder, pressure gauge, hose fitting suitable air cylinder Revolution series double action airbrush, Sunbelt Scentual solution and instruction guide. Silver Jet is available for $ 250.

Sunless Airbrush Tanning Face Natural System: It is a patented CO2 sprayer with 4 CO2 cartridges and a cleaning nozzle, and a bottle of sunless tanning solution, enough for 2 whole body applications. Color last one week and no spaces striped. The product is available for $ 30.

Airbrush Sunless Tanning System Board anger: It is a CO2 airbrush tanning powered wireless system with disposable cartridge and requires no batteries. The tanning solution is sprayed a fine mist hands regularly veins free, and so hard up week or two. The cost of revenues of approximately $ 30.

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