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Is anyone else sick of overcommercialization Sports coverage?

They did a story about Tim Tebow weight training, the other day and continued to play a little sissy punk music. I even put the artist and album name in the bottom of the screen as if we care. tonight Packers / game feels like a Viking 2 hours of music from Metallica. This is ridiculous. * 3 hours of negotiation Metallica.

Hello finally bothers me, so

In Texas and other music and sport are closely linked

Although music and sport are not usually spoken in the same sentence there historical ties between the two major kingdoms of the influence of modern culture.

Even today, basketball stars such as Shaquille O'Neal, Alan Iverson, Kobe Bryant and record their rap albums in an attempt to formalize a cross between sport and music, is the first mixing both.

In fact, in the 1930s and 1940s, there was evidence that there was a natural link. Jump groups, for example, often turns on the same bus as the basketball teams, the players and musicians to mingle point to attend other events.

A look at the rate associated with sports like basketball and music gives similarity between the two, but it does in the sense that music and sport, there are individuals (alone) that Excel does longer be part of a larger homogeneous group.

In sports like baseball or hockey in cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin, the music is often used for removal of proportion to the masses, not just during the game itself, but also in the pre-game festivities. Some songs, like "Who left out for the dogs? "By the Baha Men, became popular in the stadiums, the song was finally chosen as the main sports anthem of all time by MTV. The phenomenon has been fueled by the music distributor Pro Sports Marketing provide the ball to a minor baseball stadiums in the league and other sports. Only later track to achieve regular antenna on radio stations, a reflection of its popularity as background song in the Games.

The music is also used to maintain public attention on sporting events, notable examples are football school or halftime of the Super Bowl. Other observers point to the idea of musical instruments, sports stadiums as a concert venue, at least symbolically connect to an athletic competition.

The connection between sport and music is undoubtedly stronger than ever, especially with large sporting events covered by the concept. An example is the first issue of a band New Order, "World in Motion", which became the official theme of the Final World Cup English

Some say that athletes embrace the music so that their performance is largely dependent on the connection.

A form of music can help performance in sport and exercise reduces the attention of a performer, which could divert attention from sensations of fatigue. The idea (marathon runners and triathletes refer to the "decoupling) tends to foster an atmosphere positive.

Because music is said to affect the levels of excitement, some believe it can be used either as a form of encouragement before a competition or a sedative to calm over-anxious athletes. The connection to the rhythm and movement rights can also promote higher levels production among participants in sports, with the idea of a sort of metronome that could boost an athlete to go faster and stronger than what could happen without the music is present.

The music is inspiring, said a higher return, even if taste staff seems to be on the agenda. An example: classical music can not be regarded as a reminder of athletic performance, but it may Fans of classical music.

Some scientists say listen to the kind of music can improve performance in the sport as much as 20%. Unlike musical tastes when it comes to personal development is emphasized by the use of headphones to the gym where the environmental control may contribute to performance.

While rock music fans might want to listen to Tina Turner "Simply the Best" as they do light exercise, a stricter version of "Keep On Running" by Spencer Davis Group and "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf might be more appropriate.

music companies, recognizing that technology affects the traditional business model, which aims at further integrating the music and sports, with the idea of finding ways to promote artists.

As evidence for the integration of music in sport through video games, even to the point where bands are bringing it to a new level (the nude Naked Ladies appeared in at least one game EA Sports, NHL 2002, two months before the output of the band: All Their Greatest Hits "album).

While the music continues to share an important place in modern culture, it is also clear that sport is one of these icons as well. No wonder then that the two will continue to be closely linked.

Music and sport culture today continue to improve the lives of those who choose to connect the two. Staying healthy is also a question that deserves a kiss.

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