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I can make a birthday card. What did he say?

My grandmother is now 61 and I think we should give him a birthday card. Do not know I read the front, however. And I have a pile of clothes ..- Paperdoll things to do together with loops of small (not people)-Ton forms of these blow-out (Which are like labels, but you punch paper forms.) Templates-Alphabet (super creative ... not normal letters. =]) Lots and lots of pens Stamps Remains ... everything. It must be simple, however. I have a lot of scrapbook paper.

oh wow i donno maybe "Happy Birthday"

12 Trade Secrets CEO to launch and grow your business

To reach the top, personally and professionally, which should act as people who are already in the top. Top CEOs like Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump, regardless of their differing approaches have a quality essential in common: they are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur CEO manage the life from the driver's seat. They choose their destiny, their own traffic and collect Large checks.

Rewards do not have to appear in U.S. dollars the bank, but should be a reward CEO business. The ultimate reward I get to reach the summit as an entrepreneur? A new Porsche? An Italian villa? Poughkeepsie Exotic Vacations? A promotion? Or simply make a difference in the world? Contact the gain, knowing the "why" in the "want" remains committed to moving forward, go to the top and reap the reward you want.

When you think about it, life is the biggest company of all - And you're in charge. Top CEOs know that not only the CEOs of companies, the CEO of company life. You manage your personal development, finance, relations public transport, police, entertainment, cleaning services and resources, even human. He is the CEO of the task of leading your life fully established in the payment, why not do the role and assume its next exciting company as a consultant or small business?

I turned to this concept in 1982, when I decided it was time to act as CEO of my life and career rather than acting as an employee. Discover the secrets of entrepreneurs important, I left my job as a hospital nurse earns $ 28,000 per year and launched what is now a company several million dollars.

I used the 12 Secrets CEO of the company to launch and grow my business each year for 26 years. These secrets will help reach the top as a CEO of your company.

CEO Secret 1: All Marketing

The old adage in business that nothing happens in business until "someone selling something, it is also true in life. From the moment you were old enough to understand that a smile can "sell" to their parents give him another cookie, you have been marketing their ideas.

  • Get a promotion or a salary increase, the sale your supervisor about your skills, attitudes and experience. It's marketing.
  • Convince your spouse who is leaving the Dishwasher and embrace a degree of privacy may require the charm and persuasion. It's marketing.
  • Convincing the owners association resurfacing the tennis court may require analysis and presentation of benefits. It's marketing.
  • Reef family far away an expanded meeting means selling the idea, the date and place of all family members. It's marketing.

When I received my master's degree in nursing, I learned the hard way that this valuable asset is worthless unless the market. Nobody at the hospital, said: "Please continue higher education, Vickie. Here the raise you deserve. "I tried to market this idea to my manager, but not buying, so my active marched through the door to start my own business.

I had a new idea, the nurse consultant. I learned very quickly the best idea is going nowhere without a powerful marketing behind innovative him. Create your business by selling yourself and your experience.

Marketing has three simple parts: First, find a need. Second, meet this need. Third, convince people to buy in. As CEO, begin to see everything that makes this marketing point of view of three parts.

Imagine your bold enterprise. See your business and answer the question "What will do for me? "Write in detail the profit you want - more money, more free time, more happiness or three. Enhance your vision with sensory information. See, hear, taste and felt. The more real you, the more you believe in their ability to get there.

Advertise your business idea, energy and confidence. You have a story to tell about your new business, and you have to make it interesting, credible and convincing. Is history fascinating? Do you highlight your knowledge and experience?

  • Be authentic. Your message should be not only interesting but also real. "Own" your message. Build the heart of his presentation on the concept of filling a need. Show how your experience will benefit their customers, and then show why you are the perfect combination for this client.
  • Log in to your audience. The businesses we call "super brands" the customer feel special for the purchase of your product and ready to own it. Make sure you connect with prospects in a way that allows them to trust you and your experience. Reinforcing the message in everything you do. "More services with a smile, "giving" services with expertise in fat. companies do not want you to look for work again with you.
  • Repeat your story often. Not all do, not everyone pays the entrance, but all aspects of your life is a marketing opportunity. Keep polishing your presentation and dissemination of speech.

CEO Secret 2: Be your own number one fan

Promote your company CEOs and their achievements. They know that buyers do not want to buy the losers. In announcing its record can boast, but Can you imagine Oprah or Donald afraid of the spread of its success?

With humility, let your target market at any time knows score - if it is a full-sized project for a prize or an extension of its services. Who you know is important, but more important is that you know. The achievements are his resume and expand its credibility. In announcing its results also validates the choices people have made in their name - the company you initiated or client recommends that you want to know to bet on the winner.

  • Write a note. Send news communications with customers, Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Be concise, add a little humor, and people expect to receive their news.
  • Roll a breaking news story. Art of a short message, claws and attack in your voice message or make a sentence with hyperlinks in your email signature recipients to take their Web site.

CEO Secret 3: Icebergs waiting

No company is unsinkable Titanic sank on its first outing. Many entrepreneurs have made and lost millions of dollars in its ascent to the summit. But when you act like a leader Officer, we will create a solid foundation and a framework for companies that only a huge iceberg could fall course.

  • Rate your strengths and challenges. The stability of its business comes not only how to manage the daily routine, but more importantly, how their strengths like an iceberg appears unexpectedly. The challenges can involve limited experience, competition or agreeing with a difficult client. Knowing what is in stock and often reassess the water in front of you, you can operate with confidence. Be honest with yourself. A fair assessment honest will help you develop strengths or resources you need to get out.
  • Be willing to risk hitting icebergs. You have to navigate before you can fail. You can maneuver around icebergs, but if you never leave the dock, never a company to stay afloat. If you're not there to large, no risk, but will not win. It is often struck the iceberg, but the fear of hitting you drown. How many people resistant to change work or leaving a bad marriage, only to realize, after what was the best decision you ever made? Jane Austen famous English novelist, chose not to marry outside of his humble origins, but to follow his dream of writing - at a time when writers Women were considered "scandalous". They faced the iceberg. Soon she had written six of the largest in the history of English literature. If I had married one of her suitors, she could have lived a more comfortable, but less full life.
  • Have a rescue plan. Knowing and planning for the worst takes account of concerns that may prevent bold decisions. When I started my business legal nurse consulting, I just wanted to match my care modest wage. What do I have to lose? Whenever I needed extra money to keep my business afloat, I could work a few changes to the hospital. Knowing that I do not run completely heartened.

Enter your bailout. Watch your savings, earnings and how long you need to float your company before generating enough income. You're probably in better shape than you suspect. If not, you have two options:

  • Go all in any case or
  • Establish a reasonable time to succeed, and then run the rescue plan. Just do not bail too soon or too easily.

Anyway, at least launched his boat.

Secret CEO 4: Solve problems quickly and decisively

Top CEOs are changing so quickly that exhausted the people who work with them, but the speed is one of the secrets of its success. Not a chance, as some might believe, the CEO of fast changing development in concepts and principles that guide their decision-making fast and continues to strengthen the foundations of your business.

It acts like a CEO: Putting the foundations in place so that you can implement creative and effective decisions. After applying this model of problem solving and People will scratch your head:

  • Define the situation. Define what is important, the facts, your objective in the resolution of problem and the strategies that have already deployed.
  • List of persons. Include family, consultants, peers, his housekeeper, his basketball coach son - anything that can help solve the problem.
  • Pillow. The moments between sleep and consciousness is a field fertile ground for creative problem-solving. Upon awakening, the solution is often expected of you. Meditating on the question or think about during the year. I often had to rest a yoga pose and out of class to target a solution after an "ah-ha 'time. When your conscious mind is relaxed, your subconscious can work their magic.
  • Identify actions needed. Identify actions you personally to resolve the problem. Look your past successes and acknowledge that you have inherent strengths. Identify actions to be delegated. You do not have to do anything - even if you are a business person. Top CEOs delegate widely.
  • Evaluate the results. Apply the knowledge gained another challenge. Health mistakes can be fatal, so that when the nurses was an incident, we have always asked: "What have we wrong? What is right? Evaluate each problem and ask: "What I can learn that will help me the future? "

An executive director of business never allow problems to counter the momentum. Solve negative situations quickly and find innovative ways to transform them into opportunities. As CEO you are responsible for making decisions. Nobody can decide to move or as soon as possible. Accepting this responsibility and maintain momentum.

CEO Secret 5: Do not be a commodity

Top CEOs build businesses that are not easy to reproduce. Ease of duplication creates products and a business commodity is the kiss of death. Water used for goods to companies such as Perrier Fiji and changed our perception. Then Coca-Cola and PepsiCo has participated, and today, water is available almost everywhere for free, sells more than most other bottled beverages at a price high.

My company sells an educational experience. We do not sell seminars, DVDs or CDs, even if the means we use. Instead, we sell an ongoing relationship that includes mentoring and the fact that our students learn from the pioneer and leader in the industry. Our ideas are often doubled, but we can not duplicate our relationships, our knowledge or advantage of 26 years.

No matter what you do or what your idea Business is not a commodity. If you put your company with a product, you declare bankruptcy.

To avoid becoming a commodity

  • Build relationships. Being interested in others. Making connections based on genuine trust and affection. Silently persuade the prospect that no one can reproduce his outstanding service and work product, and never be a commodity because one can never be repeated. In return, businesses receive and retain the best customers
  • proof of confidence. Trust must be earned. Never promise what can not offer or could not get a second chance. However, the promise to provide large and small.
  • Go while not slumped in his chair and become invisible. Clients pay you to talk, even if that means disagreeing on important issues.
  • Endeavor excel. Demonstrate your ability to bring new ideas to the table. If you do not want to have "verbal diarrhea", which means that its client and other team members to see that you and your contributions. It is easy to see if you pay attention and talk.

CEO Secret 6: Do not lower price

Top CEOs reject the common thought that "if you drop your price - you get the job "or" is equal to a price decline in sales growth. "

  • Place great importance to everything you know. In the information age, education is not cheap and wisdom is golden.
  • Place great importance to everything you do. Outsource everything I can. My first task each morning is to make sure my team is thus much of my work you can delegate. This frees me to develop new tools, skills and strategies for moving forward.

Can give up something to keep trading. Get your spouse to help with the dishes, lunch and carpooling. Allow the Presidency all volunteer committees. His time is one of its most valuable assets. Just 24 hours a day - spend it wisely. If a project is not support your business, ask yourself how drop, delegate or find another way to do it.

  • Become essential. Give the customer what he wants and more. Ultimately, nobody is irreplaceable. You're getting "irreplaceable", which makes the client think to you first for all cases and we believe it will greatly benefit from input and ideas of business.
  • Be original. Seal of the original performance not to be easily reproduced by a reduction in rent. Auxiliary office occurred. committed with the possibility of organizing manage clients, keep a CEO on the target and remain calm in a crisis become executive assistants. A nurse is a commodity. A lawyer, this means that the legal nurse consultant nursing process in its most complex and deepest is very well paid and valued consultant to the team litigation.
  • Quote high commissions. My executive assistant, cited a higher wage demands that I found for this position. I eliminated those candidates that are undervalued, assuming that it would not work at the level I expected, and hired in their asking price. It turned out that it was worth it (but do not tell him I said that.)

CEO hire a luxury hotel, offers luxury hotels and eat in fine restaurants for a reason beyond personal satisfaction. They always come and work in a style that shows courage, and others regard as not valuable.

CEO Secret 7: Do not overestimate not networks

Sometimes joke that the time spent is time spent in network "does it work." Entrepreneurial directors are selective about where and with whom the network. "will not find on their club meeting breakfast. CEO of research they need, locate the source and ask. Create a network of colleagues, clients, consultants, suppliers and knowledge that can be trusted to deliver information from references.

club network can absorb all the time distances us from what we really need to do. It is easy to be convinced that the creation strong networking is productive when it is not. And you can take advice from people who have good intentions but are not qualified to give.

I built my business on the selective. I always ask people I trust and respect, "Who do you think ...?" I received the marketing director of our company, investment adviser, graphic design company and provider of health insurance this way, not the trading cards at a table blends.

  • Cast the net on a selective basis. Do not be confused with interaction networks social. Choose gets opportunities among people who are more successful than you. Expand your network by using their skills to include relationship Successful entrepreneurs in other industries.
  • Do not just hang out waiting to be introduced. After was named one of the fastest 's Inc. Top 5000 companies increasingly private U.S. Inc. attend the conference, mixed with leaders and representatives of some major companies in the country. You can bet he had made various presentations for each of the different situations where I was. Networking is often a "once in a lifetime opportunity - be prepared to pay. No eating Turkey. If you do not pleased to introduce the people, the role-play with a friend and practice until you do. You have to come out strengthened.
  • Give generously and reciprocity demand. Expect high performance network performance and compensation. Say "thank you" with a note, flowers, a bottle of wine or a good meal. Also, do not hesitate to sacrifice any person, firm or organization that fails to several times to perform.
  • Stay tuned. Send handwritten notes, emails and other communications of reflection to create a lasting bond with customers, colleagues and all members of your network. Something as simple as a birthday "happy" marked on a map manuscript or a "thank you" instead of an e-mail will go far.
  • Strategically expand its network. Get used to transmit names - her hairdresser, a plumber, your lawyer, your banker - not anyone, but selective and praise. Your time is valuable too. Selectivity will be appreciated that I would.

CEO Secret 8: Investing in the win-win

Top CEO ensure that you are not the only beneficiaries of their initiatives.

  • Start alignment. When creating your company, look at what are the benefits for everyone - clients, families and providers. You'll get better results when participating and everyone benefits.
  • Start partnerships. Create strategic alliances with people who can advance your business while you take a goal of yours. You never know how you can help a friend or colleague work until you ask. People will appreciate your offer of help, even if they deny it. In the business world, it never pays to alienate anyone. Ripples wide dissemination of rocks thrown in the lake. You never know which is aligned with whom. Do not gossip and do not hesitate to say you're sorry. Treat everyone as an ally, even those who do can not move forward. Never condescending. Integrity of practice with everyone at all levels. It is always better to have allies as enemies.
  • Stay fresh and clean. Avoid the tears complainants and the wrong group. Although the wrong group can look popular, not popular among people who count - successful business owners. Keep hands and nose clean - you pay at the end.

CEO Secret 9: Compete only with yourself

The burden of mushing sled dogs through a snowy field Alaska, I learned firsthand that it's true - if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes back. And is back exactly where you are, if only in competition with others.

To excel as an entrepreneur, CEO to be aware of the competition, but do not allow conscience to turn the course. If you concentrate on your competitors (Someone better, richer or more beautiful), you're always one step behind them. If you concentrate on your own business and compete with the best performance of your own, you will be the lead dog to imitate their competitors, leaving them behind.

  • Be an innovator not an imitator. Top CEOs know what works today will not work tomorrow. Therefore, emphasis on innovation. If you copy today's competition, you are a step backwards because it is already working in the future.
  • Continuously improve their education and skills. The world does not stop, and neither should you. The only way to stay ahead in the era of speed, is to learn something new every day. The research I do not know. Rental of other consultants to fill gaps in their knowledge until you have the time to learn. If you try to learn everything, you do not have time to do something else. rental specialists, consultants and employees strong.
  • Advancing each year. Every CEO knows that the progress of societies, stagnates or decreases depending on the expectations of management. When expected to grow and develop a growth plan in action, you will see results. Welcome the new year with a possible plan, the detailed growth including objectives, strategies and deadlines.
  • Keeping in good physical condition. Being a CEO is demanding. Life is demanding. To live life fully and create a business that makes you love getting out of bed each day, you feel better your physique. Your health is your most important asset. Fitness put on top of its priorities. Allow time in the gym. If you're in good shape, it is more likely to be mentally fit. Schedule quiet time. Innovative ideas emerge from silence.
  • Maintain sufficient financial capacity. One competitor said sarcastically I get paid for my big house, my holidays and my big smile. Absolutely. Each company is profitable or not a company - is a charity. The word is derived benefits from a Latin word meaning "progress or improvement." As CEO, you must wait for take advantage of all investments.

Create a spending plan and revenue. Make a budget and stick to it. Maintain cash flow positive. We owe it to yourself and your family to be financially sound, and financial concerns can be free to conduct their activities with passion.

CEO Secret 10: dirty hands

I joke that I'm a CEO, the guy who moves things. CEO success getting their hands dirty. All great leaders have begun to work in the kitchen. You can not cook from behind his desk, so I get up, go out and cut the onions.

The best leaders lead by example. If you're in the trenches, instead of always staying in Apart from giving orders, it is easier to convince others to agree with you. And show you the results you expect. You do not organize all medical records, each invoice by mail or empty the trash every day. Being in space, show that you understand the work that each subcontractor or an employee makes. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Be ready to work.

In science education and mentoring for the 26 years, I observed that many of the vision is the easy part. Commitment to the dirty details to make this vision a reality, it's hard. This often means early morning, evening, week-end work and the achievement of the trash. If you do the dirty work or have someone do it for you, your business will fail.

  • Clean the kitchen. In my business, everyone takes a turn into the kitchen to the right. At home everyone should clean their own mess and the tone in the meals. As director Generally, you must set an example - then the application everyone to follow. You are responsible for their profits and their errors. Head to earn the respect of people, so clean dirt clean and responsible.
  • Make coffee. The first in the coffee, right? It is the responsibility on a small scale. Disclaimer shoulders CEO for many projects started. Show you how it's done, the tone, then download some of the responsibility for what may pioneer in the next project. Remember to check and have a cup of coffee from time to time to ensure that their level is reached.
  • Turn off lights. The last person holds. Someone has to sign a comprehensive project, with every T crossed. Corporate CEOs do not take it for granted. The best ideas can pump when the final details are overlooked. Is your name on the door - which ensures that the right people focus on the details.

CEO Secret 11: Make a list perpetual

CEO assistants to remind them what to do. In As deputy director, lists can save hours of awkward and head scratching. Playlists stay organized and prevent loss of time back to a point I forgot.

I keep a list of purchasing life on my computer, go to update and print when it is time buy. I keep a list of travel articles to pack, no matter where I go. So I keep a list of ideas for future cases, should not forget. Which of her routines would benefit from being in a drawer of his perpetualized-and-go list, giving the freedom to work in your business?

  • List the steps. Everything you do on many occasions that specific measures - the purchase of school supplies for children in the publication of a newsletter - can benefit from a checklist. Decompose the work in the shortest steps. Keep your list as it progresses - adding, deleting and re-categorization of items as needed.
  • Competency List people. How can you remember all the skills and knowledge of each person in your network? It is easy when you have a list. everybody knows the list alphabetically. Beside each name, write down what you do professionally, organizations they belong, their interests and skills any other hobby, skills and talents they have. Every time I learn something new about a person, add to your list. What a valuable resource that will!
  • List of essential elements. For any condition necessary to achieve ratchet, such as meetings with clients, a list of each element necessary or even desirable, that the event is a success. You can always choose to remove something on the list, but if it is registered, at least you have the opportunity to advance and not when it is too late.

Secret CEO 12: the systems to work for you

CEOs like to spend their time creating, so they are experts in the systematization of routine tasks. Everything you repeatedly can be systematized so that other can do. Systematize and everything that is not to reinvent the wheel every day (only day you really need a new wheel.)

  • Asking "how can I do this faster?" List all the steps that lead to a routine task. Do not cheat, put in everything, absolutely everything. Now look at all workers. What measures can eliminate or reduce and get the same result? If you can systematize a task to be reproducible, you can delegate, which means they have more time doing more important things.
  • Order "How I can do more easily? "What tools make your job easier? When you fight a large number of nails, you want a heavy hammer. Better In addition, a pneumatic nail gun. Or a stapler work better? The right tools can facilitate the process.
  • Ask: "How can I do less?" A chief Management of time is the most expensive of the entire company. I know that business owners who say it is faster to do things themselves instead of delegating and training. The use of their time and dollars in delegating tasks is costly for the success of your business. What can be effectively delegated to systematize and give rise to a better allocation of their time and resources?
  • Creation models. E-mails, letters, forms and other documents to be created or updated frequently can be systematized. For new document, first check what already exists. Then copy, adapt and learn from past efforts.
  • Automated online process. Use tools that make your online experience faster and easier. Beyond bookmarks to your favorite sites, hiring a web-savvy geek a day to show you how to automate research, announcements, news you need and e-mail. Please always seek ways to systematize process. As CEO, you can accomplish more in less time with less stress using available systems or create your own. If a systematic process a week, think about all the holidays that you earn, or how long it will take to other parts of your business.

Take the driver's seat

You can succeed in many activities. Although we all have to do things not our favorite, the success of self-development lies in the choice and focus on activities you enjoy doing business and improvement to continue what you are doing well. People often think I'm going after all sorts of ideas, and I must admit that consistently meet higher levels, but over the years because I refused many ideas do not meet my criteria for a contractor of life, a life choice.

Top CEOs like Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump are lords and masters in the choice of the company. Using my 12 Secrets to use strength CEO CEO of the company you want to achieve, and you'll always in the driver's seat. You choose your own destiny, that the rules of conduct and collect big checks. Everybody wants to discover its secrets and copy their success.

Life, the largest enterprise of all, is as exciting as a trip that you want to be - and you're the executive in charge. So act like it was yesterday morning and I'm going to explore, top.

About the Author

Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD is the founder of Vickie Milazzo Institute, a legal nurse consultant training and certification company. Vickie is credited by The New York Times with pioneering the legal nurse consulting profession in 1982. The Institute also provides a directory that will assist an attorney in a finding a qualified expert medical witness for their case.


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