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What's a few effective ways to teach for a year the child of five letters and numbers?

Yesterday, I was invited by a colleague if I want to help your child learn the alphabet and numbers. I've had experience with many older groups, but do not know if the ideas I came up with are appropriate for five years. Those are my ideas:-color-interactive computer programs - a type of material handling stickers (Awards) Other ideas? Perhaps as a mnemonic the alphabet song or find a youtube video link. Someone please help I have until Saturday LOL So how do I start?

Some of ideas are not mentioned in the responses of others: Add a little cornmeal or sand on a cookie sheet. Practice sand letters or numbers. The idea Book number label is good. It may be that her parents and be proud of their achievements. Cut a sheet of construction paper into quarters or halves, and staples in sides to make a book. Dough can be divided into balls to tell or processed into "snakes" to form letters. If you are juggling the mass, gives you the opportunity to speak with him and see where their education. Ordination is a huge mathematical concept for young people. Sort items by color, then regroup and sort the same objects by size. Rocks, hair clips, bits of tape, pencils, Barbie shoes, M & M's, pictures of cats, which is attractive to her. I went to the craft store and purchased items on the small island of the marriage of the bank, because he had a girl who had nothing to do with learning as marriages. We have dealt with ribbons, beads, etc. I called "Lady of Mathematics (not his face, yeah). These are some books to read in the library. Author: Tana Hoban. She has many books to tell from photographs of colors for your artwork. These are excellent books for first time to meet with his girlfriend. There is much to talk about was the appearance of having, and may have an idea where he is speaking only to see the photos. "Count" by Ellen Stoll Walsh. "Anno's Counting Book of Mitsumasa Anno Author: Michael Dahl. "Footprints in the snow, after two by two" and "Hands Down by five after "- that can work for subsequent requests with his friend. Use shapes to make pictures. A pair of triangles is a kite, a square is a triangle-roofed house. The circles were balloons, or flower arrangement. Good luck! What a compliment that someone has chosen to teach their children!

Baby Shower Gift Planning, Ideas & Baby Shower Invitations Cards

Baby shower gifts are a tradition dating back to 1900, where friends and the family of some "Rain" as they wish for a bridal shower - to "shower" the woman with gifts before her big day (marriage or having a baby). In the early days, the guests made the most of baby shower gifts. Umbrellas were a popular symbol of event because the baby shower was traditionally an afternoon event and the guests used the umbrella to stay out of the sun, all About the baby showers.

Today, if the mother wishes to register must be done about a month before the baby shower. This allows the host to send the registration information, as well as baby shower invitations. Modern showers Baby Days are very different and not just for tea. Baby shower extravagant gifts of practical significance. You should check to see if the mom-to-be is registered for gifts before deciding on the type of baby shower gift to give. Some of the most popular baby shower gifts and creative gifts to give to parents to be.

Clothing: Sleepers, blankets, undershirts, diapers. socks and hats. ensure they are easy to change and too many buttons or snaps may be difficult for new parents to take in and out of the baby. MOM will be need clothes nice to take the baby home from hospital

Health and grooming products: baby powder, lotion, baby wipes, Desitin, Q-tips, peroxide hydrogen (via the umbilical cord), baby safety pins, to lime nail scissors, first aid kit, baby soaps and wash cloths, baby thermometer, diaper bag

Food: bibs, bottles, carry bottles, baby formula, breast pumps, pacifiers, bottle brush set, cup, dump feeding spoon, napkins burp baby, baby dishes and bathrobe

In bath products: cute hooded towels, washcloths, baby cream, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, bath toys baby

In the cradle cradle articles /: crib sheets, duvets, pillows, mobiles, rugs cradle-shaped, waterproof bed and a blanket to wrap baby

For the baby's room: stuffed animals, beautiful pictures off the wall for the mural is dating, dressing, changing table, first pretty baby somehow ceramic tile, frame, lamp, furniture nurseries, Boppy, inflatable chairs and Piggy Bank

Toy Time: teething toys, setting the matte, playing in black and white matt, musical toys and plush / stuffed animals

Learning time: Video Baby Bach, Baby Einstein CDs, classical CDs, movies from Disney, books for parents, baby books, books Lamaze soft books and story books

For Parents: Take care of their parents to be with a gift certificate for a spa, a bookstore, record store, or a gift in the baby and the mark of the foot in plaster, Baby Bjorn or other baby carrier for good care children

Here are some tips for planning your baby shower gift for mom-to-be and Father-Be-:

More expensive, but Practical Gifts: Stroller, crib, baby dresser, changing table, baby car seat, infant car seat attachment, high chair high, swing, baby inflatable seat, sound monitor, video monitor, potty, the Diaper Genie (container) Security door, baby scales, breast pump, rocking chair.

Unique Gifts: Diagram to grow, the gift of brothers, pictures Baby gift certificate, U.S. Bonds savings for the baby, a silver spoon or rattle and sealing of the house for baby

Baby Shower Coupons: For those who want to give time for their donation and did not have much money, it's fun to be creative and make baby shower coupons parents that "2 - Hour guard", "Cook Mommy and Daddy two meals", parents, etc. to be really enjoy this book gift baby shower coupon, especially for first time parents who appreciate assistance

Donate to save a life: A nice baby shower gift is a gift certificate CPR courses for private mom and dad to be and a few select friends and family who may become future babysitters

Layers, layers and more layers: A gift that is much like that is always accounted for the mom-to-be, is that everyone brings packages of diapers. New mothers are never in home to get the layers is a perfect gift for baby shower

Hamper useful idea: Instead of spending money on a gift bag which is likely to throw, use laundry basket of the game with a blanket and baby gift inside and cover with paper towel or a mat. After the basket can be used for extra clothing will be added or for toy storage

Floating Ducky: Take a mini pool money and fill it with water and float a rubber duck in each. Tie balloons to one of the handles. It's simple, but sweet. You can also place various baby shower related items next to the sink, like shampoo, lotion and such

Clothes basket Goods: Purchase a laundry basket, laundry detergent for babies, prewash re 'favorite stain remover, wipes to go, and some softener and put in the basket. You can organize all these small objects with a tissue paper in the laundry basket, which will serve as you gift basket

Baby Shower baby books: Have each guest bring a baby shower baby album for new parents. Ask each guest before write a sentiment or advice to new parents on the first page of each book is a great souvenir for estimating growing baby and parents

Baby Plants / Trees: Buy a small tree can be planted outside the parents at home. Tie baby items branches. Parents can see the tree and the child to grow at the same time. You can do the same with a small indoor plant

Manta Fleece baby: A baby blanket Polar is made by taking two pieces of felt and put them together, then cut into 3 cuts every 1 cm all around coverage and knots to hold parts together. Then just roll the mattress and tie with ribbon

Remembrance of the box: Use a box hats and add your personal touch to the box fill with Onsi, clothing, pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, etc. You can also include a packet of letters that could stickers save the baby's name and date of birth, weight and size of the box with the stickers once it is born

You can see many printer Free Baby Shower Announcements , Baby Shower Invitations and Baby Shower Cards, write your personal message with your favorite fonts, ink color and then preview your personalized baby card. This process can see your baby card before you buy!


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