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What happens is that the series American Girl doll?

Anyone remember this doll American Girl Doll series called the world? They wrote several books, has been one of Ireland, one from France, England, Africa, and so on. I have read several books, and one day I had the catalog (I have not seen, but it keeps coming back anyway) and realized that not to sell more dolls. Does anyone know why the cancellation of the series?

They call girls in many countries. Retirement were, unfortunately. I do not know why, but. Retired U.S. brainer, because it was unsuccessful. You can always find both online and in thrift stores and garage sales. Good luck

Girls may also become avid collectors

The new American Girl "Doll of the Year" has become Lanie Holland, a cultural phenomenon, the culture in the sense that the doll is marketed to girls-American and American doll collectors alike. By The Chicago Sun-Times, an online newspaper which published an article in particular on the young American girl "Doll of the Year", says a lot impressed by how this particular product is made because, although Lanie is one of the most expensive supplements all wrists, sales product may not have been better. The reference is accessory're caravan that costs nearly $ 300 by itself.

According Amateur collectors and the cost of the motorhome is well justified, because it offers tremendous value, with a bed, a living room, a kitchen and can be decorated tastes of the owner. In addition to the caravan of the wrist "of the year" has another add-on that competes with the price of the van, as add-on is the storage trunk that sells for about $ 50 more than the trailer itself.

This doll American (and family) is so precious that even Internet entrepreneurs are trying to get their hands on them to resell at a profit. So far, demand is rising steadily which is good news for the franchise and client could not be happier with the quality of the product. The quality of this doll is one reason why girls complete of all ages have become avid collectors.

Like Barbie, one of the key elements that make it so attractive to girls Lanie is that it can be with many accessories and clothing in different ways, but does not stop there, is a complete history product support is something that Barbie has not been able to offer.

Lanie is a girl 10 years old Cambridge, Massachusetts happens to have a family instead of colors, she thinks she has inherited "genes", while the rest of your family "Genes on the inside" - Is very slanted towards science and has a friend who loves rescue orangutans in the jungles of Indonesia. His family is very talented and one of his sisters, even plays the cello, to see Barbie tries to overcome this history!

In 2009, the three dolls were Charissa Maxwell, Gwen Matthews solani and Thompson, in 2010, the most popular doll Lanie Holland. If we do a little research, we can trace the origins of the popularity of these dolls all the way back in 2001, today has become a brand that is readily recognized by avid collectors who happen to be mostly girls.

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