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HELP!!!I need some suggestions for a wedding quilt square !!!!!?

My nephew is getting married and I am one of twenty some people who are pitching in on a quilt. They are getting married at Thornewood castle. The theme is Celtic/ Nordic .She suggests things like celtic knots or designs,mandala designs, celtic crosses runes, heather, animals like ravens or?... I'm thinking applique as I am familiar. Some will be doing embroidery or cross stitch but I don't do that. I could do something with gold braid maybe, in the designs of knots or patterns, maybe even paint. The date has already been claimed, asis thistle, trinity knot, Thors hammer. Maybe I could do heather?.... The quilt will be off white linen squares; a titch of the blue green tartan similar to the kilts (he is wearing a kilt!) and may be used as small border or divider, and the main wide border and back will be a beautiful amethyst9thistle) colored velveteen. Gold braid or trim will be used somewhere in the border or trim.
I am on a 2 week deadline. Please help!!!!!!!

There's a great website that has at least 100 quilt blocks free. It's Go to their dropdown menu & look for the free blocks,then use their alpha listing, like for celtic. You might not find exactly what you can use but you will likely find inspiration.

Embroidery and How-To videos

YouTube has become incredibly popular over an incredibly short amount of time. While initially used mostly as a way of uploading baby moments and hilarious home videos, it has become the world's visual archive. Embarrassing moments, climactic moments in film or television, news reports, and basically anything that has been or can be recorded finds its way to YouTube. Because of the website's popularity, and the ease at which one can upload whatever one wants onto it, many people mistakenly assume that everyone in the world wants to watch whatever they can upload onto the website. This is a mistake.

Random strangers from all over the world create their own YouTube shows, offering weekly political commentary, random thoughts, notes on what they had for breakfast, and other generally blog-worthy material. They purchase quality cameras and microphones so as to create better quality video content. Many of the popular shows receive slews of comments, which, owing to the anonymity offered by the Internet, often devolve into flame-filled outbursts of ire or sexual frustration. Such outbursts can only encourage those who enjoy recording themselves every week for hundreds of random strangers to watch and listen to, making them feel as if they're popular.

At the same time, YouTube has done what years of technology has failed to do-created easy-to-follow instruction manuals. Many YouTube clips are devoted to teaching simple skills, such as how to solve a Rubix cube or how to learn to play guitar. Embroidery applique, karate, tap dancing, and many other skills are often difficult to figure out on your own, especially without any visual example to follow. There is even a YouTube clip on how to kiss well, hopefully solving the woeful circumstances of many amateur teenage lovers worldwide. Embroidery, karate, and tap dancing are all interesting skills that many people confess to wanting to learn, but they also often feel that they don't have the time to learn them.
With YouTube already operating as a highly-visited website, and the clips usually under three minutes in length, people find themselves finally getting around to learning the random skills that they would otherwise never learn. Embroidery applique, karate and tap dancing are not the most important skills in the world to learn, but they help to round out a person and make them feel like they are improving themselves. Embroidery applique, karate, and tap dancing are also very difficult to learn by one's self, and especially with such specialized skills, there are not always copious amounts of people strolling around waiting for people to ask them how to cross-stitch or break a phone book into pieces with their forehead.

Embroidery applique is often learned with patterns and hoops. But even then, especially in a culture where time is crucial and impatience assumed, people have difficulty moving past their frustrations in learning the craft. But by following the step-by-step visual instructions offered by a random person on YouTube, one can overcome the initial difficulties of the activity. More than one budding embroiderer has spent thirty minutes at a time trying to simply thread a needle, but there are several YouTube clips that explain simple ways of overcoming that storied obstacle.

While YouTube encourages random acts of vanity, it has also allowed for the existence of wonderful services such as these how-to videos. applique embroidery, karate, tap dancing and any number of random skills become infinitely more accessible and doable thanks to the popularity of YouTube, as well as to the willingness of experts to spend time teaching strangers their specific skills. Thanks to the Internet, specialized skills become not-so-specialized, allowing everyone to learn things they've never found time to learn otherwise.

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