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What is a fun idea for my art project?

My art teacher gave us a small project to do, to rename a label. Example: Sprite brilliant, and then something about it. Grito pout put stains on anything a bit the opposite of real brand. Can anyone give me a fun idea? The name re-done and the original?

Welch to Rota ... you know the brand of grape juice? so that the label can be something like "100% real burps" idk sounds weird, but it is a game from grapes for 200% truth ".. could probably get a better label lol

Four single leaf wall decor ideas

Paintings, oil paintings, watercolors and traditional media are for art. Throughout the ages, artists have used to create beautiful images that capture the spirit.

There are also other types of artists who are not using traditional media. In his Instead, they use other non-standard materials to make beautiful art. For example, some may use butterfly wings to make beautiful works of art. Some of the parts used to create an interesting mosaic.

Some materials are easier to work non-standard in the leaves. The leaves are an infinite number of forms, shapes, colors and sizes. These factors make the leaves of a perfect art equipment.

Here are some ideas wonderful art that you can do easily.

1. Spray paint silhouettes

To protect the surface you are working, instead of old newspapers in it. Now take a large cardboard boxes. Place the sheets of cardboard and make her taste. Any any number of leaves is OK, but it is preferable to limit the number to about two or three. With the blades in place, dip a toothbrush in an average color, enamel usually works better. Place the brush near the left and slide your finger across the bristles, cracking the paint. You can do several times with different colors. Once dry, carefully lift the leaves, you will see a large preview naked sheets around the stain color. Coaching Council and interesting leaf wall decoration for your home.

2. Angel Feathers

Magnolia the leaves are used for this project. Start mixing a teaspoon of baking soda for each gallon of water in a porcelain pot boiling. Place the leaves in the container and pour the solution of baking soda. After boiling for half an hour set aside to allow fresh leaves in the solution. Take the leaves and scraping the surface Green with a knife. Once done, you'll have a beautiful shape of a pen.

Make a solution of two tablespoons tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. Arrange the leaves in the solution and let stand for one hour. When the leaves turn white, remove and rinse with cold water. Dry the leaves with a cloth. Once dry, place leaves between paper towels and press or grief. Place the cables in leaves stems and wrap florist tape. You can then under the leaves.

3. Iron-on leaf design

Choose well-shaped leaves sizes. Then select the substrate material to transfer the design to make cloth napkins, pocket folder, stationery, or a handkerchief. Color the back of the blade with a brightly colored pencil; side, then color of the material.

Cover the plate with a thin cotton cloth, and press on a hot iron on it for a few seconds.

4. Leaf prints

Another good wall decoration leaves any room in your house. Place the sheet on a surface. You can use the card, but can be creative by using unusual material, such as papyrus or recycling brown paper. Use the side of a pencil to rub on the side of the sheet. You can use many colors as you want. By raising the blade the canvas, you will keep the leaf shape.

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