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What this type of art is called?

There are some people, but in reality is not people, I saw it in an album today was a man with a head of a screwdriver and a regular body clothes, then a woman with a face of a skull, then. I am very interested in this type of art and want to learn more. Thank you. Information Additional: Clothing is also very Curiously, like 14-1700's-1920's fashion. These times. Well, if that's important.

Well, it really depends how different images have been assembled, and the media image, but I guess if I was in an album that could have been is hard to say. I have the feeling that you can think of Dada. Take a look here and see if it is so:) Meilan B: When the matter was referred to the painting? And also, surrealism actually the result of Dada, in fact depend on the time and the artist image has been for. And Dada made a series of images that are mainly collage and photomontage, and because the image of the applicant speaks of an album in question, sound collage as a very real possibility.

Your home can accommodate a mix of emotions when your teen is ready to leave the nest and risk college for the first time. Many Parents want to document and preserve the capital of a transitional album or a collage of photos of themselves and their new college students.

One of the easiest, fastest ways to make a collage of photos in the future is to seek the help of a digital photo editing machine. In the world of high technology today, it is easier than ever Anyone can become a photo collage maker, even if you are a computer junkie or an artist. Everything you need access to a camera and computer.

The advantages of digital technology are endless. Although the traditional paper and glue collages to risk permanent loss or damage, a collage of digital photos can be reproduced at any when a simple click of a mouse ... as a student knows all again!

After choosing your photos, all you have to do is drag and drop them in the design space provided by the manufacturer of photo collage. If you have a digital camera yet, you can scan photos paper or were a CD for you. Choose a model pasting scrapbook and art appropriate for the occasion, as a subject in college and start experimenting with your options.

maintaining programs Picture Collage Maker allows you to test several types of funds, designs, shapes and decorations before embarking on a style. Every action you make in your scrapbook layout redone several times until you select the perfect photo collage collage and art to help preserve the memory of his son. It is erasable, versatile material ever!

What kind of photos if You choose according to your child's collage of photos? Consider the following ideas:

  • The pictures of your son or daughter dinner farewell party or another or final.
  • Above photo of your child or another professional portrait of recent years.
  • Pictures of her son with family, friends and pets.
  • A photo of his son to drive away from the house or go to his new room.
  • A photo of your child to college, in their new home, carrying a backpack full of books and posing with his new roommate or a college sweatshirt.
  • Photos of Smiles, nerves, excitement, farewells, hugs, kisses and tears.

In addition to digital photo collage, album your child's memories could include a copy of your letter of acceptance to the university, cards and letters from family and friends, and even a personal note from you ... especially if you plan to give the album or collage of photos to your son or daughter as a gift.

Your child will probably see this book of study for many years of research, sometimes back and remember those special moments. Choose your favorite art digital photo collage collage and now allows you to create an album that you and his graduate degree will always be a pleasure.

Digital scrapbooking diva Sasha Byers explores the world of documenting memories digitally, providing insight and ideas on how to create digital photo collages and scrapbooks. She offers tips on scrapbooking important events, travels and major life periods such as childhood, school athletics and a child's transition out of the nest. She also debunks common myths about digital scrapbooking and addresses frequent questions on this popular new hobby. Sasha's blogs provide answers, tips and digital scrapbooking ideas to help you create sharper, more attractive scrapbooks in half the time

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