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How I can frame silk fabric?

the art of hand embroidery I to be expandable and frame. What is the best method of monitoring? How I can stretch under a bar, silk, without the wrinkles? Is there an illustration or anywhere a Web site showing a picture?

There are different methods depending on the size and value. Since you do not put a size, I suppose in the context of 20x24 I would use a piece of cardboard covered with foam Felon (Felon thin) The board should be about 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 inch smaller than the canvas. Stretch silk on the edge and use of nail silk or "U" jewelry pins, pins, silk foam sheet on the side of the board. Make sure the pins are sharp if they feel they are trapped in the silk throw the pin ... tip bends. Put silk on the card, online straignt up and start with the center of each side. (From top to bottom, the front side) then work your way each center by the pins (He stands at the edge of the plateau. Watch out the wrinkles that you pull down on the outside and on the corner. pegs remain in place unless you want to turn the entire piece and then sew from left to right and top to bottom with the child to sew very close together, then remove the pins. The cable will have the fabric tense. It is a long time and the points should be very close, but it is the right path. You can mat and frame with glass until the glass is not touching the silk. In this case, can cause sweating and water tanks on the silk. If you put the glass on silk that cause wrinkles. and if it stops falling glass, soiled with dust, smoke, gases, etc. The cooking tent framework how to use the environment "built" and to put glass on it and not have the touch. If you have any other questions, let me know. Articles large but should be made together with the foamcord wooden support bars. Once again cover the area with first Pelon. It just seems better with a bit of padding (thick Nil)


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