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How I can show and sell Kantha saris (craft Santiniketan, India) to an interested buyer?

What This is a cottage industry civilian clothes is fundamentally different quality silk and muga, silk baluchori tax but the design is done by hand niddling entire sari, with different colors threads.It is very laborious and requires a minimum of 3-4 months to Compleat saree.After compleatin lukrative seems very, exciting and valuable and beautiful and elegant, too, because it is part art was very well arts.The mainly originating in the place of "Tagore, Santiniketan.It is a classic.

You have several options: 1. Selling items through its own store. Create your own website and take good pictures of the lights and put up for sale on its own website 2. crafts dealers approach. Examples include National Geographic Novica http://www.novica 3. Selling items on auction sites like eBay or Etsy

Arts and Crafts of Malaysia

Malaysia is home to many ethnic groups. And this diversity is reflected in the arts and crafts. Music dance, painting and sculpture are the mirror of society. The arts and crafts signify what Malaysia is all about. You looked and they say much the country.

While the music of many different influences from Malaysia. Influence of Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal and China is obvious. Popular Music varies from region to region. Ghazals are popular in almost all of Malaysia, where popular music is more popular Malacca. Music Zapino other is popular throughout the region.

Heritage in museums
Malaysia has a rich heritage and artifacts associated with the place in the past, found in museums. There are several museums in Malaysia, where you can witness the past glorious.

The National Museum, located outside the Perdana Lake Gardens in Malaysia, offers a rich overview of arts and culture. When visiting the museum you can view displays of local culture and traditions, the currency and economic activities of the place. There are several galleries in the museum and gallery each has its own theme.

The Museum of Islamic Art is the largest South Asian Museum of Islamic Art. The Museum is located at Jalan Lembah Perdana Malaysia. Islamic art of Persia, the Middle East, Asia, China and the Malay world can be seen at the Museum of Art Islamic. Another highlight is the museum's construction, giving an Islamic sense of detail and not by its structure.

Music Classic can be better appreciated in the Philharmonie, which is located in the Petronas Twin Towers. The board concluded modern arrangements of children, and is the home of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The programs are conducted by two local and international artists. It is an ideal place to spend a pleasant moment.

National Gallery of Art
National Art Gallery is located at Jalan temerloh and you can see various exhibitions here reflect the arts and crafts Malaysia. The art gallery has a variety of services such as garden sculptures, graphic studio, library, library, coffee etc.

Famosa Crafts
Art's most important countries are Batik, Songket, woodcarving, Menkuang, Kite Making, KERIS, decisions and Ratan Barco Web. Batik is drawings of colored cotton or silk, produced by the use of colorless wax in the fabric. Songket is a form of art which is generally used for special occasions. It is said descending from the courts of Pattani. Known as the cloth of gold, is created son by weaving gold and silver son.

The wood carving is the oldest traditional target = "_self" title = "the Malaysia and crafts Culture> applied to the design of pillars, shutters, doors, shutters and furniture of houses and palaces. Menkuang has become a veritable cottage industry of right target = "_self" title = "Malaysia Holidays"> Malaysia. Top prickly leaves are used to make mats colorful hats, fans, bags, etc. Other countries are the popular crafts kite, making a boat, and rattan keris weaving.

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