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Champ Car World Series?

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asked U.S. Automakers to Go "Green"

The remarkable speech delivered by Californiaâ Lâ € ™ honorable Governor Schwarzenegger has turned the afternoon at Georgetown University in an event inspiring.

This is the print version of the speech Governor Schwarzenegger (with the cut introduction):

GOVERNOR: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, John, for your wonderful presentation, I appreciate it. And it's good to be here today at the University of Georgetown, also known in my house as the alma mater of course, my wife went to school here and graduated here at Georgetown. (Applause)

So I also thank my wife for being here today and here, sitting in the front row. And it is of course more fantastic First Lady that America has ever seen, so give a big hand again. (Applause)

So I shall say I am a bit surprised to be here, and why three and a half ago when I ran for governor who has been closely followed by signs of protesters environment. They donâ € ™ t my Humvees and Hummers, and my SUV, or something that I did. In fact, when I promised myself I would improve the environment when he became governor, donâ € ™ t think. So here we are, then three and a half years, and Iâ € ™ m on the cover of the magazine Newsweek as one of the great environmentalists. In the U.S., thatâ € ™ s all I can say. (Applause)

But let me tell you something, but I like being on the cover of Newsweek, but there should have been others where he covers well, and it is these people who were my colleagues to the Legislature. They worked very hard, they were incredible partners, and Iâ € ™ m talking about, first, Fabian Nà º Assembly à ± ez and Pérat senator. I invited the two to come here, but could not € ™ t do, but I wanted just say thank you publicly for being so great and powerful leaders in the ecological environment. So Letâ € ™ s give them a big hand, even if theyâ € ™ re not here. (Applause)

And I also want to thank someone who is here with us Today, Assemblywoman Fran Pavley and it is. It was a great warrior, very well. (Applause)

Let me tell you, it the real deal. This is the real deal. This woman has been fighting for the way the environment before becoming governor, and she has really been the author these very important laws, and worked with our office, and is a team player. Y that is, you can see here, Shea € ™ sa Democrat. So the president is a Democrat. Pérat senator is a Democrat. That is what Iâ € ™ m talking, bipartisan work together or post-partisan, and that's how things are done, because we work what is best for the people of California and America. Thank you Assemblywoman Pavley again. (Applause)

Now I know it's a conference on the environment, but I want to start first about bodybuilding. And the reason is that bodybuilding is a passion of mine, as you probably know, and show similarities exist. Bodybuilding used have a very sketchy. In fact, so that some people who have worked hard and pumped weights donâ € ™ t admit they were to fitness. Indeed, in ancient times, some very famous Hollywood actors like Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, and the list is long, all worked with weights, but never publicly admitted that donâ € ™ t want to be associated with gyms that have been like dungeons and that had fans, and has been the training of foreigners in this country. This is the kind of image I had.

But we changed that, knowing that change. And what we've been, they came out with a book called Pumping Iron € "I know that many of you are familiar with him, especially students € "then the movie Pumping Iron, and that the club has changed the image of bodybuilding, dramatically. In fact, the perception of bodybuilding began to change and become more hip and more and more and more attractive. And then, suddenly, the Everyone wanted the exercise. In fact, today you can go anywhere in the world and find a gym and a place where you can make the weight resistance training, and you can go to any gym and you find ordinary people talking about their abs, their dorsal their deltoids, body fat, and all that kind of thing. So is how it has changed. It has become common, it was sexy and attractive.

And that is exactly what should happen in the environmental movement. Like bodybuilders, environmentalists were thought of as a kind of weird and fanatics also. You know, the kind of serious lovers of trees. Environmentalists were no fun, they were like prohibitionists at a celebration of brotherhood. (Applause)

So the other day, someone just showed me a cartoon that was a car salesman exposure in a room talking to this couple. And the car salesman, car and said: "This car runs on regular gasoline engine, and then when you feel a little guilty when he feels guilt, it switches to battery. "Now, thatâ € ™ s fun, itâ € ™ s SA caricature. But let me tell you, Thereâ € ™ s much truth in that. For too long the environmental movement has been fueled by guilt.

But I think that this will change over from being powered by guilt to being powered by something much more positive, more dynamic, something much more likely to cause a major change. You know the kind of guilt Iâ € ™ m speaking, stacks belching pollution that are the source of our spas and our large TV screen, and feed my case, my private airplanes. Therefore, it is very bad, of course, that canâ € ™ t all live simple lives as Buddhist monks in Tibet. But you know what? Although € ™ s not occur.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I donâ € ™ t think any movement has ever made and never made much progress based guilt. Guilt is passive, guilt is inhibiting and guilt is defensive. You remember the commercials a number of years, commercials specifically of a Native American who sees what we have done to the environment, then a year runs down his cheek. Anything you remember? Well let me tell you one thing, the approach donâ € ™ t work because the movements are based on the success passion, theyâ € ™ re not is built on guilt. Theyâ € ™ re built on passion, theyâ € ™ re based on confidence, and theyâ € ™ re based on a critical mass. And often, theyâ € ™ re built on an element of alarm that pushes the action.

The environmental movement is to use a popular term on the point of inflection. Itâ € ™ is about to reach the tipping point. Thereâ € ™ sa turn and I think the turning point occurs when the environmental movement is no longer considered a colt or a reprimand, but as a positive force within the People € ™ lives. Now, I donâ € ™ t know when that tipping point occurs, but I know that: € In California. In California, we do everything possible to tip the balance in the environment.

Now, first of all, let me start with government policy. I donâ € ™ t want to go into all the initiatives that we have spent and all the laws we have adopted, because it was already well explained by John when he introduced me. But two things to excel, we got the most attention.

1. We passed legislation to limit emissions of greenhouse gases 25 percent by 2020. This means that we are rolling back gas greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and then we go to 80 percent less than in 2050.

2. I ordered a reduction 10 percent the carbon content of transportation fuels.

Now, I think the California standards will solve global warming? Of course not. But what we do makes a lever that, to the point of all environmental councils. Although € ™ s what we are trying to do. Itâ € ™ is like a seesaw. You get in, then slowly tips in the other direction. This is what we are trying to do. California, as you know, is big, California is powerful, and what we do in California has a tremendous impact and implications. In fact, if you look at the world, California is a small place, but the kind of power of influence we have in the rest of the world is equivalent to a huge continent.

We send a message to the world. We are saying is that we will change the dynamics of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions. We are taking action themselves. We expect all we are not waiting for the federal government or Washington. We create our own associations. We work in partnership with Great Britain, We have partnered with the Canadian provinces, with the States United States, with the Western states, with the northern states. And you know what? Each year we add more and more colleagues to our equipment. We are increasing the pace of change.

Now, Thereâ € ™ sa display in Michigan that accuses me of costing the car industry 85 thousand million euros. They say that because of our new standards on carbon fuels which cost 85 billion dollars. The sign says: "Arnold to Michigan € drop dead." The fact of the matter is, what Iâ € ™ m ie Arnold Mich. € "get your ass. Lower your butt and join us. (Applause)

In fact, California can do more to save U.S. automakers than anyone else, because what we do is push us to change, to make changes so that they can sell their cars to California. And we all know € "Letâ € ™ s be honest €" if you donâ € ™ t change, someone else. Japanese, Chinese, South Koreans, Germans, each of them. While I want to do, I want to prevent that. I want to sell their cars in California. I believe strongly in American technology, and I think that ultimately a technology that will ultimately save Detroit.

Now, California for example, already has a company car thatâ € ™ s called Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors has just designed and produced a car thatâ € ™ s called the Tesla Roadster. Itâ € ™ s 100 percent electric. Now, how does a car company has ever produced a car is already to produce zero-emission car € "zero emission €" and Detroit is still the lower back? Now, this car, let me you say is a very sexy car. Itâ € ™ s really cool. I mean, I can prove who was driving. Goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. It units of 130 miles per hour, and has 250 miles on one charge, and charging only 3 1 / 2 hours. Now, thatâ € ™ s what I call cool. And the car cost $ 100,000 € "to be exact, € 98,000 dollars" and is so popular, which sold out immediately. And now the second version occurs, and the car, the cost will be reduced to $ 50,000.

Thus we can see where you go, the economy tells us that when you go. Itâ € ™ s like cell phones. I remember when I bought a cell phone, the first mobile phone, which was a sort of radio phone 20 years ago. It was $ 1,600. The next version, I bought a few years was later in 1200 and the other was 750. I recently bought a cell phone to my daughter and who was under 90 $. Now, because costs have declined, almost everyone can afford a cell phone, and the same thing happen to technology cars environment. The government may give a boost through the establishment of standards in order to give California the nation and the world a shot inch.

Now, beyond government policy, the second slope factor is economic. California is the vanguard of what I call â € ~ € ™ Economy environment. The aerospace industry built the modern economy of Southern California. The computer industry integrated Internet and Silicon Valley's economy. And now, Green Clean technology, along biotechnology will be the next wave of Californiaâ € ~ s economy.

Now even Californiaâ € ~ s laboratories in universities, corporate research parks, even in Plain and research offices to shopping malls, something very exciting happens € "something very exciting. The Nationa € ™ s brightest scientists and venture capital are more intelligent all competitors to find alternatives or new technologies for alternative energy. This is a race that is fueled by billions and billions of dollars. Capitalism Curiously, the alleged enemy of the environment, is now give new life to the environmental movement.

Daniel Jurgen, the famous oil analyst, said that if this activity continues at all costs, expect dramatic results. And the head of PG & E, the most useful Californiaâ € ~ s, said the energy sector is poised of a revolution. And you know something is when General Electric says that itâ € ™ s sale of its plastics business, because he sees more potential growth and benefits in environmental goods and services.

In environmental economics is good that we can do both, we can protect environment to protect the environment and economy, and thatâ € ™ s what Iâ € ™ ve been saying for years. Of course, people donâ € ™ t believe in it. People have said you have to choose between one or the other, we have to choose between the environment and the economy. And I said no, we can do both. We can protect the economy and protect the environment, and we showed that, in California.

Now the third point I wish to mention is the attitude of the population. I think the environmental movement is being redefined as something more modern, safer and more positive. As governor, I talk to scientists in our universities, I talk entrepreneurs ranging from large companies. And let me tell you, people are not crazy. Most scientists are convinced, CEOs are convinced of the ordinary and if you look at the polls, Americans are convinced that the mainstream of global warming and climate change is real and we must do something. Who are the fans now? Who are the fanatics? They are in denial. Theyâ € ™ re in denial about the environment, theyâ € ™ re in denial and economic policies are in denial. Who are the fans at DuPont has hired the former director of Greenpeace International? Who are the fans When large companies are now demanding that the federal government once and for all passes new laws to set standards for gas emissions greenhouse? Big companies like DuPont, General Electric, Wal-Mart, BP and PG & E believes that climate change is real. It is the dominant language, which is setting up the floor.

Now some of you have seen the best cable TV Show called Pimp My Ride. Have you seen this? Maybe not, maybe not everyone has seen. But the fact of the matter is, itâ € ™ SA really cool show. Itâ € ™ s quite a show costs, and what they do is take old cars and junk that is usually crushed and convert low-riders and make muscle coaches. Now, my teenage son watches that show all the time, and sometimes I watch it with him.

In fact, recently made a series of sessions that show that will be released on Earth Day, and why the air is Earth Day is that we cool the show, they did something, adding to something that was environmentally hip. Liena € ™ s what we did. We took a 1965 Impala, and we have done in a lowrider, but not a regular lowrider. We dropped in a 800 horsepower engine and 800 horsepower engine goes from zero to 60 in 3 seconds. Now you know How fast ISA € "in 3 seconds. But biofuels, which means it emits greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent below, and go twice as far. Now, thatâ € ™ s what I call cool.

You see, now reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, while Donâ € ™ t have to actually go and remove the muscle cars, you donâ € ™ t have to remove trucks or Hummers or something, because thatâ € ™ his recipe for failure. Instead what we have to do is the cars more environmentally muscular. This is what we need do. Now, because one of my Hummers is now running on biofuels, and another of my Hummers is now running on hydrogen. Those are the kinds of changes we have made, instead of getting rid of the Hummers. (Applause)

If movement Environmental nothing new about the guilt, itâ € ™ s not on margin, and itâ € ™ s not to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem, but it is to integrate the momentum, exactly what we talked about earlier with the club. We must make the general public. We have to sexy. We must make it attractive for everyone to participate.

So finally, let me say a few words on politics. Politics plays an important role in the running here. If you are against taking action on greenhouse gas emissions and emissions from their common political base defeat as surely as the polar ice sheets, I can guarantee that. You will become a political penguin on an iceberg smaller and smaller, which is adrift sea Farewell, my girlfriend. Although € ™ s what will happen. (Applause)

Because the environment is a public value, and politicians ignoring what they do at your own risk. Now I know that many politicians have deprived come to me and told me: "How can we doing what in California? "And I say that there are only two words I should mention, and that the mandates and markets, mandates and markets, as we have in California. And then I said, I said, "And we must have the political courage." I said: "Remember no evidence of political courage political suicide. "

Today, some of my Republican colleagues, of course, raise a very valid point. They say: "What if we used all these great things for the environment, and at the same time in the world of developing countries, where emissions are growing faster, doesnâ € ™ t do something? "Now I believe in free trade, and I think it raises everyones € ™ s standard of living. But over time, we will examine the countries that produce goods without considering the environment in the same way As we look to countries that produce goods without regard to human rights € "And that means that these countries, of course, that Iâ € ™ m talking about are those sweatshops. I think in the next decade if the economy does not take into account the damage that itâ € ™ s done environment, the civilized world impose environmental tariffs, duties and other restrictions on trade in these countries. It is a question fair trade. United Nations can not dump the products, nations can not download anything, and in the future can not be carbon dioxide greenhouse is a dump or because it is an unfair trade advantage.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, In conclusion, let me say there are still many people who are pessimistic about how weâ € ™ will solve environmental problems. I am optimistic € "but Iâ € ™ m € optimistic always, but in this case, Iâ € ™ m very optimistic, and the reason is because I feel things changeover. I feel change things, I think things are moving. In fact, I say do not be overwhelmed by the environment, because things are about point down our way.

Look at what happened this past month. A documentary on global warming won an Oscar. You can now open any newspaper and theyâ € ™ re talking about global warming and how everyone can participate. All TV radio can be activated, theyâ € ™ will discuss global warming and emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and green technology and on.

Today I went into a store, magazine, and the shop, I saw eight magazine covers € "eight bridges. In fact, he was nine, I found another one hour ago. Nine covers € "nine magazine covers, everyone talks about green technology, the plug-in cars and the Earth Mother, and Town and Country has a real problem, and so on. For example, of course, Leta € ™ s not forget the best song of all, Newsweek magazine. All you saw, huh? (Applause)

So basically what Iâ € ™ m that is, things are turning our way. Thank you very much for your attention and really appreciate you being here. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you very much. And now, if you donâ € ™ t mind, Iâ € ™ would like to bring to the gallery of my friend and a great environmentalist, great leader, a great warrior of the environment, Fran Pavley, our MP. Please. (Applause)

It should be noted that the speech of Californiaâ € ™ s Governor targets U.S. automakers asked to be vigilant to help solve environmental problems by producing friendly vehicles environment. Most Popular vehiclesâ € â € œgreen employees in the U.S. the cars are hybrid brands loved and most have followed suit with the exception of the Jeep brand is symbolic that has not met the â € € œgreenâ. But Thank you to the ™ € s iconic Chrysler has improved its car components such as the Jeep Wrangler parts to reduce harmful emissions.

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