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Baby clothes to fit 48cm talking doll Chou Chou ...?

Hi I am my daughter Chou Chou talk about Christmas, I've gained most bits for this, but I need clothes. Looking online, etc, seem expensive. I have an idea for a newborn or real baby premature wear and use? What size of the property? Has anyone done this before? It measures 48 cm, which is slightly less than 19cm. What would be the best? Premature / Newborn / firstsize or the newborn? HELP! My daughters almost 3 so I have no clothing left little to the house to see! Oh yeah by the way they wash their clothes at second hand, or the bargains on eBay!

when I was young (she was about 11 a little old for dolls can be good, but I had one) I went to the store of children in the United Adams Kingdom (do not know if ur in UK or U.S.?) NEW size and bought clothes for my doll Annabelle was 46cm or there whereabouts. go at flea markets or cheap clothing stores cheap clothing and supermarkets. I had some short films in 0-3 months coz I remember they were cheap but not really fit unless you put a layer on the wrist for real! so I think without doubt get newborns - If the baby grows accustomed matter if its loose, but do not want or fall clothing. You can also place an ad in the paper saying baby or doll clothes wanted size of the newborn? Good luck! I'm sure you'll love, even if it is a little big:)

Collection of old doll clothes online

If you are a collector of antique dolls, it has probably also Research href = ""> antique doll clothing. You must have a good eye to know authentic doll clothing. They must be in accordance with the time they were made in.

Antique dolls are collected because they tell a story. These are parts of the story. Clothing is very important in re-telling these stories.'s Clothing old dolls are considered collectible items for the avid collector of antique dolls.

You should know that antique dolls have three types of clothing. There's the dress, then Accessories, then the ornaments. All these parts of antique doll clothing must have the intricate details that represent the period of manufacture of the wrist.

If not, then you're not considered a rarity. Plus he took the doll to be treated, to be more expensive to be.

The seal must be correct that the company used during time. The doll clothes are the best old has exceptional detail and incredible workmanship.

Develop, clothing, doll clothing in the old should be adapted so excellent. Generally then attached to the front zippers and buttons hidden silk.

The finer the material, the better. Normally, the former doll clothes are made with real materials and not just an imitation or cheaper versions of them. For example, the sleeves a real doll clothing should also elaborate details.

Accessories are very important. Accessory most obvious when it comes to doll clothes hat is authentic. This must be done perfectly. Mostly, it's silk with embellishments that match the set.

Then there are the trimmings. The sections should also be pure silk and linen. It should be cut and closed properly. An expert's doll collection can determine whether those parts of the clothing Doll evidenced worth investing or not simply by looking at them and check their quality.

But best doll clothes faith are those who have an accurate representation of the clothing worn by people during the time of manufacture.

If they have the history and culture of the people during this period, then he did his job as a collector's item. They are able to provide the kind of life people lived at that time, judging by the clothes doll faith.

Therefore it is collection of dolls becoming the hobby most popular in the United States, just after the stamps. Because you can learn about people by clothes.

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