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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Baby Quilt Kit products and information here meets your needs.

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I am looking for a baby 4 kit cross bedding precious moments and can not find a site? also try check eBay, there seems to be a lot of precious moments bedding models there. Good luck!

The 5 points that affect the price of a doll Reborn

Reborn dolls are expensive to buy and do. Besides all this are made One Hand Offs. Even if from a kit of each doll is hand painted and finished by an artist reborn.

Prices rose dolls reborn art is regarded as more collection and some of the best artists are able to make more profits from their wrists. But for most creators reborn dolls ability to pay even a fraction of what the doll is a severe penalty.

What are the 5 main areas money is spent on the manufacture and sale of dolls reborn;

  1. The wrist should be painted, glued, eyes and eyelashes attached needles, brushes, paints used. A hardware cloth body weight, poly fill stuffing, belly plates and heart pounding. There are costs associated with electric paint the doll's wrist as most are painted with paint dry heat of an oven that is required between the layers. These costs are gathered in the vicinity of $ 200 - $ 300.
  2. Renaissance Hair is usually hand rooted mohair, which costs between $ 25 - $ 50 an ounce. The needles used are specialized needle felt the $ 10 - $ 15. There are a lot of waste in the process of routing so that the small amount of hair seen in a reborn doll head is not the amount spent to achieve that effect.
  3. The doll sells clothing costs money reborn. The amount of money depends on the quality of the whole. There are many reborn artists leave their suits made the hand that could easily sell for $ 100 for themselves. Dolls are also sold with models that must be met magnets inside wrist. Blankets and quilts.
  4. Marketing costs money recovery if the doll is placed on an auction site. Auction site is cut, the pilot of the money is cut and all other services used in marketing to take payment. There are costs associated with sending the doll that is the new owner. Reborn Dolls must be shipped safely and even if the buyer is covering the Charter Cost is always a need for a safe and packaging materials.
  5. Time for a reborn artist often goes with a doll about 40 hours. Is a full working week on a doll. A reborn doll artist if they were to collect the minimum wage for the only time wins the same as a child in McDonalds. The artist fighting words "suddenly has a new meaning when written in terms of what a work of art as a doll reborn in reality it costs to make. Most dolls reborn chance sell for over $ 500 on sites like eBay. This means that the reborn artist does not pay for their time or experience.

Next Once the price of your reborn doll redown do with a total cost of the wrist and why the price is fixed at a certain amount. And if you are the buyer or collector dolls reborn remember you get what you pay and that the dolls are not to be performed by low cost artists born again through faith in themselves to demand a decent amount for your wrists. You will always get what you pay for.

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For more information on selling your reborn get our mini course at htt:// or the full online training course made for reborners at


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