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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Background Rubber Stamp products and information here meets your needs.

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Thinking of using a roller to apply ink to a relief Cuttlebug?

I try to find the best for the color of the upper part of high relief created with the Cuttlebug machine. I tried rubbing a rubber stamp on it, but it was too dirty and the ink on the bottom, but I have too. I used color hand with a fine tip marker, but I think if I could rub or roll in the print color is evenly covered. Have you used a Brayer for this? In If so, what is the best ... soft or hard rubber? Thanks!

I have used several times Sepia Brayer failures folder and it works great! I think a color darker works better. Let me know how it works for you. Send a photo if you can. I just want the right to leave the city now. Pink

How will you celebrate National Scrapbooking Day?

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What will you do for National Day Scrapbooking? Here are some ideas:

1. Part of scrapbooking with friends! No friends to invite scrapbooking? Teach a friend of your love! Tell them to bring photos and share your sources! What more could you ask for scholarships and scrapbooking!?

2. However, scrap alone! Point National Scrapbooking Day is to celebrate our hobby!

3. Take time to reorganize your local scrapbook to optimize your space. We all know that the organization is the key to efficiency and storage of supplies tends to be overwhelming every scrapbooker. So, taking time organize your storage space reap huge profits while creating a drawing or map. In addition, you'll probably inspired to unearth forgotten scrapbook embellishments!

4. Bravo for technical learning. Look in magazines to find something that you always wanted to try to apply it to design album.

To get you started, Here are some ideas for scrapbooking embellishments that you could incorporate into your scrapbook of design:

* Buttons - Buttons clear line of coordinating role

* Tape - Thread ribbon around the chipboard, add items daily, or use it to frame a photo

* Nails - Pins used make an initial or monogram in the center of flowers, albums accordion bar or mini-albums, or albums

* Printing - Give it a layered approach Trim embossing powder on a mound (heating between coats) and pushing a rubber seal in the dust still hot

* Sealing - To fund a new document of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of printing (first impression is stamped by newly signed second print is sealed immediately after the first printing without re-inking and stamping third printing is a third time without Re-ink)

* PĂ©nibles - using white center near my heart, cardstock, score the paper with his scoring tool in the opener, Back then the layer of sand to reveal unique patterns

* Use Chipboard - Chipboard scrapbooking as an embellishment in the track, the corners of the photo to beautify the labels and mini-cover album

Liquid Crystal * - Add LCD up the stamped image a polished trim scrapbooking

* Sewing / stitching - either free hand or with a sewing machine, sewing crafts projects brings a

* Scribbles - Add a little of himself to his work scribbling on your page to increase or reduce the scribbles to use as decorations, scrapbooking

* Jewelry, brightness, sequins, beads and - sparkley add some Bling to develop and increase the intensity of your design!

* Hidden by day - if you do not like your letter or if you prefer not a design highlight, hide behind a paper cover or a photograph

* Paint - paint used to create a multidimensional effect on the paper map or otherwise the texture of cardboard used to add another dimension!

5. Or, if you can not motivate you to create a new album design: scraplift! Find inspiration in the vicinity of my heart (CTMH) Idea Book Summer 2009 or browse a gallery of scrapbook pages and put your design together!

6. If all else fails, there's nothing like buying new products to motivate us to create!

SCRAMPING Feliz (SCRArapbooking and printing)!

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Tara Hamilton is a scrapbook aficionado! Learn new techniques, get great tips, browse the scrapbooking gallery and be inspired at her blog, Scrapbooking Release. Or join her on Facebook to meet other scrapbookers and cardmakers just like you!


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