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PC hampered by noise

Computers and peripherals are noisy animals, from the clatter of keyboards, the hum of fans, buzzing and
ping units and engines, and the vibration of the frame and panels.

This can affect their concentration and cause irritation and stress.

Unfortunately, the latest PC models are often noisy, since the extra processing power requires removal excess heat
So the most powerful fans.
However, older models, gradually wear parts and loose, creating more background noise more annoying team.

The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of noise (background noise) of 35 dB (A) to we can talk
and listen with ease, and not have to fight against the "Filter" background noise.

Most We do not mind noise in the background, but please, not this endless noise machine distraction!

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that manufacturers of computers occurs in silence until led.

You can buy Silent computers, but are now larger and more expensive than the standard "noisy"
PC, and may also require the installation of specialists.

So, here are 10 simple tips and inexpensive to reduce PC noise -

1 / Turn your PC a hard surface rather thick. Angle of the back (where the noise from fans cooling are located) away
from you if you can.

2 / Make sure the PC is standing on their level and flat feet.
Mount feet on a firm rubber or rubber to cushion the foot supports any type of vibration.

3 / Fix acoustic noise dampening pads on the walls around PC. Concentrate on areas close to him, which could amplify
or reflect sound.
You might also consider acoustic foam pads block all unused drive bays, which also reduces the internal volume and promote


4 / Make sure that the panels outside are not lost, and nothing touches the computer case.
Forcing all the cables hanging in plastic containers with wire ties or plastic coated cable set.

6 / Take care of your PC and interior cleaning annually.Dust at least one PC accumulation can cause fans become
stronger, in addition to being a potential source of the allergen and development of computer failure.

7 / The players are making noise in general, especially if other electronic devices such as cellular phones (mobile) baby monitors nearby.
Keep away from these devices, and / or pregnant.

8 / You can reduce the overall sound with control volume (if pregnant or using a headset) or cut the Windows
sound files that you hear when you perform virtually any task on a PC - see Windows Help. (Click on a blank area of the
Desktop, press the F1 key, then "Search" or "Index" on the top bar. Find " Sounds and "Audio Devices. Follow

9 Most computer systems management functions of energy. Another After seeing a "Help".
You can reset the sleep mode (low power - not to save data) o''hibernaciĆ³n "(Low power - saves data automatically) characteristics,
so that the computer will slow down just after a period of inactivity.
This will certainly save energy and help reduce the noise level of the computer when not in use immediately.

10 / If you have a PC tower, the Tower store on the lower floor, you, making sure that this is not an obstacle, and air can
circulate around it. Buy extension cords if necessary.

All equipment to reduce noise above is easily accessible from the Internet, or locally.

If you have a little money are more or buy computers, here are some options.

  • You can buy a new PC case designed for replacement can be acoustically quiet.They trim
    sound clip or constructed to stop any internal fans and reduce noise

  • the sound of the keyboard can be particularly useful. Choose a model with keys canvas.

  • Consider a second-hand quality or refurbished model. You really need high processing power
    create more background noise? Also consider specification models below, with (probably) younger fans quieter.

    • Application equipment compliant with noise reduction ISO 9626 international standard. If is also cited
      SPL is a fair way to compare the results of noise from different computers.

    • Also, I have some new models Implementation for you in the showroom. preferably in a quieter area.
      Or maybe you can get a demonstration house. Everything equal, go on the computer alone.

Whatever you do, do not suffer "experience create a quieter PC environment.
Remember, less noisy PC can increase the safe use until 2006 and beyond!

About the Author

Mick Madigan lives in the UK, has a continual interest in healthy computing, and has recently published a fully detailed guide on the ways computing can harm you
- and how you can avoid them - at

A stress- busting audio/text exercise ebook can be downloaded without obligation from


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