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Where I can get for my logo embroidered clothes?

I have a clothing company. I know where I can get the embroidery done but I'm looking for some reason I find clothes like Atticus, Le Coste, etc. when the shark has a bit of stitching on the logo (bird, shark, crocodile) almost as a badge fabric. Where I can get these on behalf of my business and there is no name for them? thanks


Fight against the fire has a rich history, as evidenced by the distinctive firefighter, fire investigator and parts firefighter patches challenge.

Firefighter Badges & Patches
Fire and patch cards include information on the fire station and a symbol or person's status as a lieutenant or head. In addition, fire investigators often carry their identity cards in case of skin or portfolio. spots or patches Fire Department investigator Firefighters can be embroidered on a plate or patch sewn directly onto clothes.

Challenge Coins
Firefighter Challenge coins membership means a squadron. They also express the pride and belonging. Stations Parts using challenge of strengthening the team spirit or to celebrate special occasions such as promotions, retirements or birthdays.

Maltese cross
The Maltese cross, or against a firefighter, is a symbol of firefighters almost all U.S. sports. The cross firefighter eight points, and each arm has two points. Overall, the eight points representing the eight characteristics in individuals perseverance chivalrous loyalty, competence, clarity, observation, tact, sympathy and gallantry. The Maltese Cross emblems commonly used in parts firefighter challenge.

The Star of Life
The star of life is identified with Emergency Medical Services. This is a blue, six prescribed cross with a snake and staff in the center. The tips of the star represent the six stages of emergency care services: identification, reporting, response, in care of the scene, care in transit and transfer to definitive care. The symbol of the serpent and staff to discuss the return Figure Greek mythology of Asclepius, which uses its staff to heal. Artists often depict Asklepios with a cane that has a snake wrapped around it.

The Bugle
The horn is a fast method of communication for firefighters to coordinate their efforts. Often the trumpet symbolizes the rank of firefighter in one unit. For example, a horn lieutenants have their badge or patch, the captains of two that are side by side, the battalion commanders have crossed two horns, division leaders crossed three trumpets, four horns deputy chiefs are crossed and the fire chief or the commissioner has gone through five trumpets.

St. Florian
St. Florian, often in parts firefighter challenge, is the patron saint of firefighters. Born in Austria, around 250 AD Florian was a Christian in the Roman army during the reign of Diocletian, when Christianity was illegal. He was sentenced to death for disobeying orders to imprison and kill Christians, burn churches, and destroy religious texts. Folklore states that Florian extinguish a fire with a single pitcher of water. He also said that when Florian was sentenced to death, told the Roman soldiers who ascended to heaven by the flames that burn. They feared that may be true, a stone tied around his neck and drowned Florian place.

Firefighters are brave men and women who risk every day their own well-being to save others. The symbols on their patches, badges and coins tell the history of history the fight against fires and firefighters have honorable traits.

~ Jeff Burkman, 2010

Learn more about the firemans cross and other firefighter symbols by visiting the website for OurDesigns, the world's largest retailer of firefighter gifts and accessories, such as fire investigator patches and badges.


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