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sewing pattern for old blue jeans handbag?

I sew jeans or bags of old bazaar project Demin

Simply cut your old jeans difficulty to 10-12 cm high. remove the zipper. and sew the button. add a line to be more personalized with a decrease silver bracelet add a charm bag. Remember to use a zipper. Use a metal teeth and slider zipper closure to give a more rustic look better and viola! You have a bag jeans

identification method of Louis Vuitton

1. Real deep pattern matching packets if the difference between small particles from bulbs clear, as is the width of the gap between the particles are very average. Mo Shangquan moderate hardness, compare flexibility. Leather has a similar texture a plan, then an irregular pattern of light bulbs and capsules feel auxiliary, while the gap between each piece blister pattern is very uniform and a certain depth. Each platform to match the depth of small vesicles are also uniform, seemed to have more texture.

pressure modes of imitation bags are also very similar, but they will be used for a long period without oil, generally feel some drive. Well there are irregular lines, but the most important and capsules of the reasons that the difference between small, dense feel blisters appear together, and not three dimensional. Total comparison, the details have yet to see.

2. From old to spend four leaves and flowers of skin color and look at the composition. Monogram pattern far, apparently, each distance A appears to be a false alarm, yellow-green, but a careful examination, it is above the mark consists of small spots composed of oblique lines, to look closely, is actually labeled color prints formed by a parallel bar. Color flowers are light yellow-green. In general, the color is very different. More ultra-fake, the flowers are also marked by the oblique rays the base composition, but the colors are wrong. Most partial Brown. Even if the color closely, because the overall relationship between the lines, seen from afar in the past, I always feel ambiguous. However, noting this second point can be used as a base, but not entirely, so many points, because imitation is more likely, over the flowers are also very close to the actual color.

3. Material for identification, the actual equipment are LV contrary, the head of the zipper, usually yellow gold, not very bright, but copper or blue, feeling no not particularly brilliant, and some Shaoan, and a texture somewhat similar to mate, but powerless As for washing, writ, feel strongly textured. Oh, of course, can not be generalized, and now a lot of new material, there are many bright colors. Here I will cite the flowers and the most common models of old age in terms of conventional packages. Below the head of overcoming a zipper, for example, shows what is the difference between the two. It is not surprising, especially flash, particularly given the left of imitation, but the color is already very good, very close to the real root A seller of goods has announced a blue gold copper, but still a little too bright. And on the right a little to Ukraine is true. You can add pictures of the relations of light, nature, has not been so heavy feeling cold, or has some luster, but not as thieves which made it very bright. The biggest difference is greater than the NAV of the three dimensions of real words, and clearly, more angular edges, respectively, while imitation products that are less than the thieves in the LV sense of relief was too soft, less clear.

4. Distribution of skin, some people say it may become darker line and tight security. It's really super senior Ay have. Therefore, we must begin with the details view. Now on to the old bag around the convergence of white flowers fine leather piping, its authentic LV is generally very thin, straight, round and in three dimensions, as a whole does not break down very smooth seams are clean, no distortion or twisting force, and so little and some have even an imitation of the goods, a further review will be slightly thicker. Followed by the leather strap strap backpack, the VI, even obliquely downward, but also a set and seams, the right cortex with high demands, the loss of a beautiful skin. Imitation in general difficult to achieve, and then there's the package with handle. The authenticity rounded handle, and no wrinkles. Although less successful imitation is often a turning point has wrinkles Department. But more generally, have been super-A can do nothing more than a ripple. Some people say that color terms can be. This the most misleading. Because LV paragraph property package with different time periods and may not be exactly the same skin color. This oxidation along different colors are also different. Given that the cortex, even without a single place for long, the color will improve. For example, the classic pillow pack, it seems that before, many have bought the hand is that he is a solid color. Most of the recent acquisition a very white.

5. The skin with pins and sealed by the paint and other details of the gaze. LV suture car is not only the symmetry ordered, and he went to the lines of hemp oil wax can be used as identification. All products LV, rough and difficult for the range of sewn into the seam itself, these strict rules for every inch the number of pins. Within the same line network and meticulous hand car, LV bag and opened inside the loop handle a little skin glue together is correct. Now, even if the appearance of counterfeit products can do, but difficult internal bit line is meticulous. Formerly it was called the angle of the needle can distinguish fake bag is usually a straight line down is very package at the corner of each needle is a point of view, attached as willow, is the point of view. But does more than super-A can also be done in imitation of. Therefore, it would be short of virtue and as a fine imitation of testing standards Sanekane. The next two with the authenticity the old leather suitcase appearance of contrast. Of all the pictures do not really see. However, in another a few other hand, imitation leather is hard and bright, is a little softer. Also, watch the real and the car used in the line of new packages, there are also different, but it is limited to the difference between new reference only. Authenticity is yellow. Imitation somehow always uses the wrong color, the yellow hen a coward, or very positive Yan Huang. But more often than the more obvious when it was new, used false, the color is different from the line is out.

6. Read serial number. LV bag is printed in a discreet place, said the production plants and the manufacturing number of years, is generally two words in English and four digits. Louis Vuitton bag each, there will be. And produce different years. Bags of different models, numbers Series are not the same. The serial number of counterfeit goods, but often occur in a factory simulation, then use the same number standard. It should be noted that some products packaged in bags of fact, before 1987, no number. LV bag according to the family, the serial number printed situation is different. For example: let's root root medial cortex metal buckles, a leather bag loops on the opposite side and a small pocket inside leather in the pocket in there, mostly written in a leather bag LV Feng Zhao a bit, then open the inside, inside of joints, including brand bags at the end of turn depends on the location of the seam with the skin and so on. In short good-looking, with a total find.

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