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New to jewelry making, need much help! what, how, I have a pendant .....?

So I decided I can not find the exact jewlrey I want and at the right price, I'll do it myself! So I started making this slope, which I want, basically, I think I can do better is to print a small photo and put it in some way in something ..... ..... Anyway, do not understand what they are homes, cones, CUPS, Bowling, ECT I have no idea what the order or what I'm doing much need help!

I only know that the bullets. It is commonly used in bracelets and necklace jewelry. It consists of a tube, and sometimes a loop. thread the chain or cable through the tube, and hang your charms dangling or loop. Can also be used as a spacer. Purpose. I think you should find a jewelry or find a place to learn more. recommended by two bands or

Introduction to Hand Jewellery

Jewellery is classified as to be executed by a creative artist, this unique jewelry contains mainly one element in a genus are made with high quality stones and findings. Each piece of handmade jewelry is a difference in their design, for not only the regular business of stone, as usual. The hours of time and concentration of the opportunity to create pieces crafts jewelry that are beautiful, unique and special.

This type of jewelry is very fashionable at the moment, people have always fought for some something new and different things like cattle, which are unique and can treasure as their own. Handmade jewelry is a perfect theme for the people themselves, give or receive as part of a set of transmission to their relatives and family.

In addition to how the implementation of this type of parts Jewelry of the existence of differences in each piece of precious stones are often themselves distinctive. There are so many different stones to choose stones usually contain their own characteristics and imperfections that occur naturally and allow their shape, size, color and the density of one-of-a kind of material, rather than mass production and as usual.

Handmade jewelry has been popular for many centuries and cultures Some, like the ancient Egyptians were known for their metalwork and jewelry design excellent. In society today that are able to buy gift makes loans, metals and computers to create beautiful jewelry, all the artisans of the times Modern to do is gather all the pieces together to create a piece unique and attractive jewelry. In the past, artisans also necessary prepare metals as heat, bending and configuration and create the form of gemstones and design from scratch, and jewelry design.

The jewelry is made using a variety of different outcomes, these are covers of accounts, spacers, chains, brooches and obligations. In addition to being able to choose among a variety of different metals like gold, silver, copper wire, which can be used to hold jewelry set, patterns and designs in the metal vary all that adds an element of diversity, individuality and the uniqueness of each jewel.

Handcrafted Jewelry has always been an ideal to give someone special. Find a single article that has been personally and love for someone, and their own efforts to go to their creation, is a pleasant gift anyone for any occasion. Have a piece of rare and exquisite jewelry that are made or specially chosen for you is a moving and memorable gift to receive and keep for years to come. About the Author

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