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How to cover up scars in the please >_

Firstly please don't lecture me on cutting and self harming because I have been 4 months clean now after cutting for 2 years.

So I used to cut on my legs but I went to my arm,it always felt so much better.The scars aren't on my wrist but near my elbow and go halfway down my arm,so it's really hard to cover then up.

It's 7 days into summer and my dad has taken all my jackets off me,so icanr wear them anymore and if he found out I'd be in so much trouble.And bracelets won't fit that far up my arm,they will go upto where the cutting starts and maybe cover a bit,but not that much of it.

So what can I use? I'm going to buy some cocoa butter or whatever it is to help actually heal them but what can I use to cover them up for now.

Also it can't be too expensive and some ideas for swimming to,because in 3 weeks I'm going on a 3 week holiday with my dad and his friends to Bali,and it's really hot there.

Thanks <3

Wear bracelet cuffs, or pile in different styles of beaded, leather, anything bracelets.

I don't cut myself, but you should see my bracelets!

The custom jewelry Advatantages

Custom jewelry design came into existence since the 1800s and are now widely used for its fashion, calls and sophisticated fashion. custom jewelry all types of jewelry that is made according to design details that are provided by the buyer. It are several reasons why jewelry buyers opt for custom jewelry instead of buying jewelry standard ready for use. Custom Jewelry is known for its high-end craft and are usually one piece. They are hand-finished and perfect for use on any occasion.

Custom jewelry is a type of ornament that is made in conjunction with a specific type of fashion or custom. The jewelry is generally less expensive metals, glass, plastic and synthetic stones in place of precious metals and jewels. custom jewelry has gained much popularity in recent years, they are also excellent as gifts to improve the style statement of a person. Popular because it is less expensive and fashion are often valued as a memento of their loved ones for many years.

The most popular and the demand for jewelry and ornaments are as silver. silver jewelry custom jewelry is an ideal and popular can be used as large attachments. They are readily available in many styles almost every imaginable and complementary to both men and women of all ages greatly. Jewellery precious stones birthstones are the best option to pamper yourself or a loved one.

Silver jewelry chains under the brand come in different models and you can choose styles such as ropes, balls, figure 8, cable, herringbone, Byzantine, Figaro, the slope of Madeira, wheat chain, and a host of others. You can also opt silver chains, which are handmade in different models. These chains of different closures may seem unique and attractive collar. Popular options people today are large and small pins leveraged clasp luxury and heart and steering lock.

Another form popular personalized jewelry is highly in demand are the rings of a bloodhound. These rings are very detailed and sizes. It was packed and jewelry hand-polished and makeup of the large collection of dog. These rings are also a perfect gift for those who are true fans of Bulldog. Jewellery Collection Dog is very popular today for their unique designs dog. These rings are an integral part of this collection, and are very interesting as a fashion accessory for those who love dogs.

Also popular is jewelry handmade Bali which has a mix of drama and elegance. They highly sophisticated equipment with any outfit. Custom designed Bali silver jewelry is available in bracelets, earrings, chains and rings. Personalized Jewelry is also an advantage because they have a sustainable long term and there is great flexibility in design while manufacturing.

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