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This method is safe for a tattoo?

Vasoline skin. Use pink ball ink mixed with vegetable oil thickness of 1. Marker Felt. small sewing needle. 1. Draw an outline of their weakened state at the marker. 2. Let the ink dry. 3. Vasoline lite cover skin coverage. 4. mix your ink ball of vegetable oil based 1:1. 5. need more heat from the flame. 6. magnetic needle of ink and put away in your plan. 7. bleeding can occur. You should get atleast 4 cell layer of the skin. 8. When guass cover is with a bandage.

Not at all. You ask a lot of skin and / or blood infections. Using ink from a ball? Shame. Here is a good recipe for getting a tattoo done yourself: 1) go to work and earn money 2) look through the portfolios of experienced tattoo artist 3) find an artist to dig and see your room 4) Make an appointment to get your tattoo done by a professional! 5) that smell (Or ask someone you love smell) to think about doing something stupid yourself as a tattoo. Seriously.

Edit your own sheets to fit perfectly

Years ago sewing was a skill often learned by most women and of many men. Ready for clothing was often poorly made and does not fit well. So people insisted on making their own clothes or at least make adjustments to material bought it would be good to better and more sustainable.

Not only that, but if you stuck zipper or expanded waistline owner could be quickly fixed with a simple repair or modification.

Today, people can afford a professional as well have often adapted the game for the customer. If you watch the TV newscasters and tycoons rich, his clothes are well stated.

Unfortunately, the rest of us usually have to put up with clothes that do not match the best. Worse Again, we are forced to buy new clothes when we do not fit right or is developed more problems.

I had the opportunity to develop the skills of a beginning sewing in my career and I perfected my own sewing and alteration methods over the past 30 years.

Do not leave with a shirt or dress that needs a change to your body to perfection. Make your own changes is very simple if the right tools. For dresses and shirts, use a level of 120 threads. Everything will be heavier in wrinkle fabric. Use normal needle.

Let's say you gained weight recently, and passed one of the new regimes, and his face is not the same as it was when you bought your jeans.

No problem. Use a needle a little heavier for the amendment of jeans - 75 or 36s, sometimes jeans called needle work properly. While you, you can quickly pants for just the right length for your individual box.

What if your clothes are made of Lycra, spandex or other flexible material attached? Many people tell me "my sewing machine does not work this type of material."

The problem is with the needle you use. To lycra and the like, use a stretch needle. This type of needle is also known as a pen or a knitting needle special. You'll find her sewing machine works very well with this material once you have the needle in the right place.

Often, a coat or pants perfect is eliminated when the zipper malfunction. Do not throw clothes away. Instead this, remove the zipper and sew in a new old.

Often you can get advice and suggestions by visiting a fabric store. The owner is likely to work in sewing and know without any doubt within and outside of the needle and thread.

You can also pay a professional tailor to alter or repair a piece of clothing. Ask the tailor to show you how the change has been done. Often you can learn enough to do the work yourself next time.

About the Author

Well-known tailor Jack Heywood has created a visual step-by-step guide to alterations at
. His new DVD shows you how to easily alter clothing, let out and take in trousers, replace zippers and much, much more. See parts of the DVD free at his site.


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