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Shit! Men, would you be upset if this was your Christmas ...?

My husband and I live in Dallas, but it is a big fan of the Colts. Then I told him $ 80 Polar Indianapolis Colts store. Not even be here until December 27 Thus, in time, I buy underwear (Gentiles), socks, and a necklace of sterling silver rope chain (it has a shitty, rusty chain ball this time). I never know how to shop for men. Would you agree with that? Men always act like they do not care but honestly what do you think?? He gets all sex when he wants .... DAMN trust me.

You rock. But remember to wear this shirt bought little sleep (for him) to bed on Christmas Eve. No doubt you will love.

How to clean silver jewelry

First we notice, what are the enemies of the bright spots of money, and how to avoid them.

Enemy del Plata:

Blur is the enemy of money. Silver tarnishes when exposed to air and certain chemicals. Last by regular cleaning, you can save money without tarnishing the following these general rules:

NEVER leave the money comes in contact with rubber. This includes kitchen rugs, mats, holders of silver wear, and rubber bands. Rubber contains sulfur, which oxidizes your money.

Do not leave stainless steel cutlery to enter Contact covered with fine silver or silver plate. Silver staining in contact with other metals. Avoid cleaning or dissimilar metals together in the same place.

DO NOT expose food to money end for long periods of time. Never leave dishes containing eggs covered interior, mayonnaise, mustard. The oxidized sulfur in the food money.

Prevents the use of silver tarnish. The more you use and manage your silverware, be less likely to tarnish buildup. Therefore, do not hide your money to keep them safely away!

Silver cleaning solution of your own:

When money is oxidized, it mists. Dips tarnishing repairs and removing tarnish the quality of money. Most commercial sauces are used When heavy, dark stain can not be deleted traditional pasta or waxes. Sauces chemicals are dried in silver with cotton balls and specialized applicators, and then immersed in an acid chemical composition and a complexing agent. You can make your own chemical dip, following these instructions: 1. Fill the sink or a bowl with steaming hot water.

2. Mix 2 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate- soda in a bowl.

3. Add to mixture sink with hot water.

4. Dip the pieces of silver. Most clouds dissolve. enable to stay until 10 minutes to get rid of tough stains.

5. Rinse well.

6. Seco.

7. Put your money properly. Other than regular cleaning the best way to preserve your money is properly stored. Make sure all parts are completely dry before store. For the money, wrap each piece in tissue paper or anti-tarnish paper. You can also include pieces of flannel (special flannels are made especially for this purpose.) Seal the wrapped silver pieces in an airtight plastic bag. Whether you keep your money in a bag or put it in a window, a jar of gel near the silica can help reduce moisture and prevent tarnishing. Never store silver where you can communicate with rubber, stainless steel or paint.

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