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I can do bamboo knitting needles on the plane with me?

absolutely depends on security. Because they are bamboo, or could no problem if they were metal then. As u see them as sustainable, so that you can take the risk, if not visit the airlines so that flight. They should have a list of items that can be taken on board. Travel right!

Market Booth Sold Simmering

Cotton knitting 92nd of China and the fair will be held April 11, 2010 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Recently, the reporter learned from the organizing committee has just been informed that the needles are all the work is a methodical progress. Despite the global financial crisis fog has not entirely disappeared, but the needle is in the investment process, the organizers felt Knitting and the domestic textile industry, recovery rewarding to germinate.

Exhibitions mark diversified

It is understood that the current in the needle occupied by E1, E2, E3 booth Hall is exhausted, China has basically completed the work Traders. Among the exhibitors reflect the situation, the warming trend is strengthened, and business confidence is also being restored. A number of new businesses with the active participation of the needle is injected into the energy, the return some brands to show more confidence. Vosges, Vico Thai Fung, beans red, sports stars and other brands in the absence of a quarter or two needles in one after the other after the return of the brand is still on the needle will be the general public. Well known brand back: the needle is a long-term recognition also shows that the entire market competition is still fierce. In his view, the needle will remain investment in brand building channel, and an important platform for strengthening the brand.

In recent years, the needle will be on display have been presented in accordance changes in market trends and workplace diversity. The thermal underwear a few years ago to nearly two years of furniture for the home, men's underwear, Suite developed for a bed textiles number of total households. One could say that many companies want to benefit opportunities in market segments professional management, and a few powerful companies have chosen to expand product lines achieve the diversity of products.

The current in the needle, linens, clothes remain warm all the lingerie industry. Conlie, defects, kidney beans, Japan and other BELL clothing label, clothing, Zhongshan Xiaolan formed a delegation will be scenic beauty, most textile bed after the traditional 92 to see the needle by Neumann, Pui Fun, but the brands represented by functional layers for the Silk Road and the Pavilion represented silk textiles with Shengze carpets, leather was mat, mosquito nets, represented by the articles were household. Towel products has become an axis brilliant touch of home textile industry, the 92 sessions of acupuncture would be more internal Clothing Production companies will be present, including gold, the second in the Vosges, Xiyingmen, Big East, magpies, lamps, etc and Yang Kao Company equipment towel. Bamboo fiber has become a hot towel industry, all companies have a towel related products, in particular the credit towels per day, bamboo is the main brand, such as bamboo fiber Jin.

exploitation of the mark is almost a compulsory for domestic firms. The face of the adverse effects of financial crisis, companies become more aware of the importance to build the brand. In the past year, many companies have continued to update the concept, strengthen the training of marketing teams and marketing Active development of professional managers and to increase advertising and so on. brand performance in any way one day, textile needles Carolina the rest will come over the last 20 years of hard work of a small business growth for companies listed on today namely, the exploitation of the brand success stories. The current in the meeting of the needle, Carolina will launch a different location different degrees of the new brand.

exporting firms show the appearance

In today show China, the industry groups to participate in the exhibition was very common in the 92 sessions of needle extending beyond the status quo will still be a few industrial groups to participate in the debut exhibition. "The Chinese city of underwear" Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, after the 91st session of the needle will be the first building "The fashion trends men's underwear from China in freedom Museum Gallery E3 formed a delegation to attend the first half of the session 92 the needle is, "the city of underwear Jiangsu" Gu Shan Wuxi is the first delegation to participate in a small scale in the needle will be, "China is the hometown of silk" zhenze Wujiang Jiangsu followed the needle after the last Organization of Snow Lake, the landscape, such as silk have been produced exhibiting companies Tsz Wan, has won the "city of Chinese towel cover, the title companies Hebei towel will organize a delegation Goyang participate in the course of the needle.

Exports of financial crisis, many foreign trade companies, many companies are looking to market interior while the design, branding, talent, funds, channels, and a series of questions, I must make these trading companies frustrated. China Knitwear Cotton Trade Fair is an essential support for the Ministry of Commerce of the National Fair, more than 50 years of commitment to the market the cotton industry of China to enjoy a very strong pin appeal and influence, known as "the cradle of the brand to grow," "Needle cotton industry, Spring Festival in the afternoon. "This kind of platform for foreign trade enterprises is a shortcut procedure leading to the avenue. They are waiting for this platform to learn, practice opportunities and achieve faster growth. 92nd session of the figure Trade needle had many businesses, such as home textiles Veken, Fu Trade Shanghai, Hangzhou and underlined.

In addition, according organizers, the 92nd session of the needle will be launching a new "2010 China Underwear Fabric Accessories Expo" and "2010 home textiles China and home fabric Expo "to meet the link chain industry upstream and downstream between the business needs, this is particularly effective for most companies face accessories open the door and just visit the manufacturers provide a practical supply of raw materials, machines. Activities related to the needle also actively provided, Zhejiang Mengna Co., Ltd. has been authorized by the trade associations Chinese textile socks exclusively shares "2009/2010 China Fashion trend" Associations of Chinese textile enterprises, professional associations, and hospitality services committees, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong and distinctive actively preparing for the Forum and other activities.

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