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I'm doing an album of ideas on the quotations and drawings for him?

I'm doing an album for my mother's boyfriend for his birthday and be it and all its children 7 and I was wondering is anyone had any ideas scrapbook page (which I am taking one or two pages for each child). O quotes (I'm like the love sister has a page (s) (if you have a better way please share!) and a day at the Beach) and Umm I do not know which other pages, but if you have any idea Shar please!

Are you a season? u can also use different types of labels or stamps that do not always use words. How will your first page? because you can also do it by having a birthday theme and you can complete and others that give him pictures of his birthday party .. do not know just an idea for you

Vacation Scrapbooking Pages: Planning for the trip of your trip

When preparing your holiday, remember to bring your camera, but have you ever thought about how you scrapbook your vacation photos before you travel? Planning your vacation scrapbooking pages before you start Travel is easier and faster to design a beautiful vacation album when you get home. Here are some tips to consider when planning Book your vacation.

Scrapbooking Your Vacation Album

Most of us plan vacations in advance. It is never too early to start shopping for a vacation scrapbook. You want one that reflects the theme or location of your trip. Consider using a specific album to places like Disney or albums in Hawaii. You may prefer an album track on the theme of the album or party in general. Travel Planning gives you enough time to see your local book or craft store for sale. You can even get an agglomerate Plain cover and portable Design your own album cover.

Scrapbook your holiday ornaments

If you are shopping for your album, look to see What products are available for coordination game. Advance planning allows you to benefit from sales in the decorations as well. Choose items and Page paper that work well with the location and themes of holiday photos. Keep all your ornaments with the album you have chosen in one place. They will Loans When you return from your trip.

Journal your trip

Remember the details of your stay is part of the daily process of your bets page scrapbook. To facilitate taking notes or writing in a diary during his trip. Note the dates and places you visit, as well as their feelings and thoughts. Now when I return home, log into your notebook is fast, easy and more detailed. You can even tear the pages of the magazine and include in their conceptions of right.

Photos planning your trip

Think ahead and plan vacation photos. You want an image which can be a cover album. When you go on a cruise, an image of the ship work well for this. If it's Disney World, take a picture of the sign Disney World. Remember that when you take pictures places to visit, you want to be sure to include you in the photos too. Before you travel, make a list that the photos you do not want to miss. Target list of camera bag so it is always handy.

Your vacation memories

You want to put the house for your vacation memories notebook. Pack plastic bags to keep them small to avoid damage on the return trip. Save parks and tickets entertainment, menus or napkins, maps and brochures. You definitely want to add to your layouts.

A little planning will make your scrapbook Holiday albums can put together. Try to get the images as soon as possible, and start working on your pages, while the memories are still fresh on his mind. Follow these tips, you have everything you need to return home to design a beautiful memory of your trip.

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