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my birthday ... what gifts should I do to ....?

I'm turning 14 soon and I want that one day the part B soon. my friends ask me What I do I can not think of anything. I do not want gift cards. What things should I do? things I like: the beach things fashion magazines BCBG summer music scrapbooking snowboarding

A new scrapbook. Scrapbook items. (Pages, labels, stickers, etc..) Beach bag. A beach towel. Sunglasses. A Hollister T cute. Some belts. A subscription to Cosmo Girl!. A snowboard hat. Somw sweet snowboarding stickers. 'S. Some posters of their favorite band CD. nail polish. Cute headbands. Disposable cameras to take the time to put on this album. Cute earrings. A belt of Hollister. His favorite band shirt. I hope helped!

Baby Scrapbook Ideas - How to create a baby album of your dreams

The time your child is a baby is a special moment. There are so many new things for them to experience. first swim, walk, go to the beach to name a few. These moments that I will not flee. To preserve these should be to create a baby album. Here are some ideas baby scrapbook to help you succeed.

1. Choose the theme of your album Baby

The first thing you think is the theme of the album. You want subject to a lot of pictures together is not out to inspire people to look at the scrapbook later. Scrapbook ideas baby can be a theme Travel, a theme of early experiences and learning to walk.

2. Select the model of your baby book

Now you have the problem to select the model you want. One of the first child Scrapbook ideas for models that come to mind Natural designs. In its pages, it has forests, animals, flowers and lawns are in them. Another design is a fairy creatures. In this document, you have the wood nymphs, fairies and exotic creatures. Or you can choose to go to the design of the Disney family. Will castles, princesses and maybe Mickey and Winnie the Pooh. Think about the story you want the scrapbook that is said before choosing the design.

3. Select ornaments, words and titles to use in your baby book

Once you have chosen the theme and design then you need to know what images go to the pages. It's time to choose the ornaments also be used and the story you want to do with their titles and subtitles. Souvenir Book are supposed to be telling a story if it is one of the most important parts of your project. Take time to get this right.

Play a baby scrapbook of your children is a pleasure. The hardest part is choosing the topic, design and embellishments. With a little practice it will become in a friendly format do.

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