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Where can you get a nice feminine pentacle?

I wonder where I can get interesting future pentacles, charms pagan Goddess symbols, etc that are pretty, cute, well designed, so I'm a little tired of the normal, and some seem too "goth" for me. I prefer physical gold or silver. I am the secretary of 30 something and you want to use for work, if that helps. I really wish my usual supplier is selling pearls! Because I strip pendant or charm alone, that's fine. Thanks in advance! Heartbreaking, is somehow the point. I am pagan. The only time I'm always jealous of Christians is when I will find pendants and amulets, and placed many crosses pretty much variety.

Tons here:

semi-precious stones for jewelry Making

Making beaded jewelry is a hobby enjoyable and rewarding. semi-precious stones are a ideal for work to produce a custom design jewelry for a significant period and long term. There are many different types of precious stones beads, but the most popular jewelry are listed below. Read on for more details of the properties, appearance and the best how to use these special accounts to make a necklace, earrings and bracelets.

Agate Beads

agate accounts tend to be available in red and black, and often gorgeous widescreen display marks white stripes. agate yellow and green are less frequent, but are very popular because of its bright colors. Agatha is ideal for replacing parts and may be available in large sizes balls are great traits of Auditors necklaces. Try using red agate and black together for a radical change. Make sure you stand out bands accounts formatted string beads.

Pearl Game

Game made of beautiful beads in varying shades of purple. Amethyst accounts of category A are superior, showing a beautiful clear and uniform color. Amethyst grains of low quality can make clouds and natural inclusions.

A stone jewelry, amethyst is often available in different sizes of round beads, gemstone chips, fell faceted nuggets and accounts. These balls just look space with fabulous silver spacer beads. Swarovski crystal beads are available in a shade of amethyst adds glamor their true design amethyst jewelry. Purple contrast with these green beads to make jewelry more dynamic.

Fluorite Beads

Fluorite is a popular gemstone that is usually green and purple. Staining can be dark or pale, and each grain can vary individually.

Fluorite pendants are popular jewelry item. These accounts can be combined with fluorine, suspended from a chain simple and effective design single or in combination with a stone that brings out the color purple or green in the pendant. He better not try to dominate the natural beauty of fluorite, as it can be subtle.

Jasper Pearl

Jasper beads and pendants vary greatly in color and appearance. However, in general, Jasper is known for its beautiful style and complex. Types of jasper and Picasso Jasper have these unusual markings look like they were painted.

When making jewelry earrings pearls, jasper, or is it better correspond to a simple stone, silver or gold accounts too busy arguing with beautiful patterns in the jasper.

Crystal Balls

Quartz is also known as crystal, because it looks clean. clear quartz beads are useful space between the accounts of lighter or with drawings, because they do not fight them in a jewelry design. Quartz faceted to catch the light perfectly accounts.

Another popular type of quartz is pink quartz. Soft, pale pink, rose quartz is a stone very romantic. The use of rose quartz with silver beads creates jewelry that is wonderfully simple and sophisticated.

Using semi-precious stones to make jewelry is a great way to make a personal donation of a loved one. They can even be used to key chains, bag charms, charms and more mobile Pohon. If you have not started making jewelry and accessories target = "_blank" title = "Semi-precious grains"> semi-precious gems, so I recommend you make a start!

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