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What is the name of this type of cable?

I've been looking for this type of online purchase of pearls. Metal I could find, but I want than wood. So I thought I probably have the wrong name for them. I was calling interlayers, is not it? Http: / / / imgres? Hl = / 3Flisting_id view_listing.php%% 3D21559862 & usg = __QEXIaZxpNpr6JbxNiTzuxr_d20w = & h = 430 & w = 430 & sz = 37 & hl = en & start = 4 & um = 1 & tbnid = dVIuK2pdqieaAM: & tbnh = 126 & tbnw = 126 & prev = / images% 3Fq%%% 3Dwood 2Bbars% 26hl% 2Bspacer % 3Den% 26safe% 3Doff% 26client% a% 26rls 3Dfirefox-3Dorg.mozilla: en-US: official% 26sa% 3DG% 3D1% 26um These are the only ones I could find, but not what I want ...

Bars are called "separation." Can be found in many types of materials and variations (from 3 holes to 15 holes - maybe more!) do. It of silver - and perhaps

Easy Beginnings - How to make a bracelet of pearls

Want to make a beaded bracelet for yourself? Well, you've come to the right place! Generally, you must remember that the wrist straps are several accounts 7-9 cm long. However, they can be any How long you want.

In addition, if you want to do a modern twist to your account strap and turn it into an ankle in place, add 2-4 inches to the length you want. Now that you have that down, I'll tell you how to make the perfect bracelet.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Step One: Cut the wire. There is no good or bad mark may be used provided that the wire passes, just make sure it is suitable for jewelry. Once you cut the cable, you must make sure it is not long enough for the group, plus an additional 3 to 4 inches. The reason I say you should have an extra couple of inches is just to be on the safe side. You do not want to go all the way until the end of your bracelet and finds that you do not have enough room, right?

Second Step: Choose an overall size of your bracelet beads. If you want to do in all sizes one, or the balls are of varying size is fully yours. I think if you decide to incorporate large accounts in your bracelet using spacer beads to go in the middle. This way, your bracelet not too flashy.

Third step: Choose a couple of conclusions. You will probably need a pin two balls and pressing his wrist for the departure. The reason you will need to crimp accounts so they can attach each end cable in its clasp.

Step Four: Prepare your bills early. If you have a board game, is well. Otherwise, it's fine. You can save seeds to use for the bracelet in a towel or a flat surface. It is important that you submit account in the design or the exact style you want to think about the bracelet. This will save time and energy later.

Fifth stage: time to shake! Place a crimp in their accounts over, then add one second to final closure. You will need a half-inch wire before passing through the heel pressing. Using a crimping tool, double the account that you have attached to the early closure. You're almost done!

Step Six: Start threading your bills! Once you have the length you want, wrap it around your wrist to check that is long enough. Better safe than sorry, right?

Step Seven: After determining the correct length, put another crimp bead at the beginning and the end of the closure. Run the cable through, and the double!

Step Eight: Pull the hook, making sure the heel is securely crimped. Cut the extra cable that can be left over.

If you have there, guess why? You just created your first bracelet of pearls! With more practice, you can create more fun beaded jewelry.

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