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Can anyone help me find my costume compensation for Renaissance?

I looked all over a few ribbons and some accessories that work with my costume. I already I have to close and the bodice of pearls completed. What to find some tape of a skirt I'm fishing for yellow / silver, orange and green fabric. Are vertical and I'm looking for a band that has these colors and almost red-brown color to cover the seams. I am also looking for most of these colors in a strip I skirt around the brown. I wonder if anyone has any idea of what sites you should check. Thanks bye

First, check local craft stores Arts and shops selling fabrics, ropes, son and maybe they know where to find what you want.

Stressing screens is a great idea

Use lights in the house, and although the room where they are, the lights are a major accessory. If you put a flat screen of your lamp offers a neutral accent to the room, but you can also add a final touch of style to any room, by adding a little embellishment to your lampshade.

Accents add style to your screens should not be a costly affair as an issue in fact, does not cost anything. Take a minute to review the lights in your house and think about how they can improve the style of a given site.

Add ornaments class and eye for anything immediately gives an elegant and ornate. Cut glass increases light and multifaceted left spots of light dancing around the room. You can add a touch of elegance to your screen by cutting with a string of beads or strips of glass beads. Compensation can be sewn or glued on the top and bottom edges of the screen.

Quick and simple that you can embellish a lampshade with almost anything, such as shells, buttons or color clips. Add buttons to the screen Your craft shop, shells and add to the shade in your bathroom tropical theme. The clip will shade a touch of fun in your office home.

Clean and modern If you take a single model and he repeated throughout the play he gives a picture of cohesion in space. Make your screen to add the design of your site by adding your chosen design for your wallpaper. Whether Paisley, peas, stripes or checks, he added that the design of the screen, paste into forms or fabric paint you use will add to lamp-its environment.

Cute and beautiful If you want to decorate the screen in a room of baby girls, think in terms of lace and pastries. For example, adding a piece of lace at the bottom of the screen is very feminine, or adding more large piece of lace on the screen is also very sweet. The arrangement of the shade with a pink satin ribbon can be easy if you just use a add to punch holes along the bottom edge of the curtain, the wire along the end of the band with a bow enough.

Comfortable and welcoming more fabric with lots of texture helps to give a screen welcoming atmosphere. Adding a bit of velvet border or screen adds a quality touch hot in the shade.

Easy To add an organic and natural quality of the room, you can upgrade your office with pressed flowers or dried leaves. Both are interesting in any screen and adds a natural quality in the shade. To give the shadow of higher interest In addition, adding a layer of paper with transparent rice and dried flowers and connect with diluted glue. The effect is three dimensional and beautiful.

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