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Top 10 Tips for Fashion and Style for Women

1 â € "Know your body shape
Petite women should avoid heavy clothing and shocks. Instead of fitting shapes and soft tissue, narrow bands

subtle contrasts of color and texture. Keep everything streamlined so as not to cut the body in two.
Busty women should wear skirts flashy (shorter if you are comfortable) and pants, prints and bright colors or

textures draw the eye away from the center of the upper body. The use of a single block of color is very close. Avoid

Senior catchy instead wear long jackets that draw the eye downward. Dark colored caps is released and

hugs size.
Women in love pear-shaped vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits on the sides. straight skirts

just below the knee. black tights and shoes color or pattern of a blouse or top, tops should hang past the hips.

Classic cuts on top with lighter colors attract the eye away from the hips. Accent the V-neck with a V or Y

tall women should avoid clothes fit. Use the length of the straight skirt, too short or too long are out of proportion. As

Women with small to keep everything streamlined, blouses worn with pants so as not to reduce its half higher.
women must wear a rectangular pattern. knitted sweaters in the women's skirts are great. Use a round neckline and a mirror

with a collar or a scarf around.
2 € "dress according to your personality
Rock girl â € "and the shock customize a little, but keep women.
urban chic € "enjoy the street fashion wonderful, beautiful and simple.
 € Deportivo layer with clothing casual and fashion.
Arty â € "Given the current fashion and adding a dash of his own personality to spice things.
Sexy â € "sensual fabrics, curvy and delicious. A touch of color and odor.
Retro Chic € "Great accessories, and a flash of the classics, seems all the time.
€ romantic classic cut, cut and soft colors, lace, embroidery and pearls.
€ 3 "Accessories can make all the difference
- Collars V-shaped and Y draw the eye downward
- Round necklaces fill the neckline
- Earrings ultra long lunge
- A long trailing belt elongates the legs
- The hat can make a team
- Cocktail rings add fun and color and a bit of sparkle to a casual
- Scarves can be artistic
- A corresponding set Jewelry can bring a team together
4 € "Awake to compensate
- Make your eyes sparkle with a contrasting eye shadow
- Open the eye, highlighting the middle of the eyelid
- Use black for a spectacular look
- Use of gray smoky eye with a delicate pink lipstick
- Choose a lipstick for a classic look but choose one close to your own natural color accuracy.
- When creating bold eyes, keep lips pale. When the red lipstick, pale eyes right choice.
- Use color palette consists of manufacturers rather than to meet your own eye shadow tones. The mixture of colors

€ 5 "A bag life
- For daywear a good leather bag in a cup size classical style. This season gives you plenty to choose color and

- For evening clutch bag is new, or go to a shoulder bag with chain strap.
6 â € "keep everything in proportion
- The little people are gasping for breath with a cup
- For use narrow hips right leg pants and skirts, avoid ankle broke.
- To balance the hips with a skirt curvilinear line, not a bias cut
- To hide hips flared trousers and the top of classic
- Wear a blouse with a short skirt
- Wear a jumper plate with a long skirt
- Heels are always slimming
- Wear the right jacket, length and Volume is important here
€ 7 "dressed for the season
- In spring / summer wear the tan, shimmering form
- For Spring / Summer wear lower cut and soft fabrics in bright colors
- In autumn matt / winter to make peace with slightly darker tones
- To Fall / Winter wear natural colors and natural fabrics, knitwear, leather, cotton, linen
8 â € "Donâ € ™ t styles mix
- Less is more
- There are many trends this season donâ € ™ t use bright colors, metallic, animal print and retro glam both.
- Choose a style of dress and donâ € ™ t go overboard, often one or two accessories will look great with a simple

€ 9 "Fun with subtle changes
- Han jewelry that you can mix and match each day
- Change your departure
- Wear a scarf as a belt
- Wear clothing base in unusual ways
- Use a brooch on a ribbon in a neck
- Wear a long necklace or a scarf as a bracelet
- Add bullets Cabochon an old bag and use it again
€ 10 "Everything comes down to essentially
- A good pair of jeans go for comfort, there are many styles are in fashion this year. It is important to

before buy. If you get skinny jeans elastic. If you have hips curves to remove low-rise jeans

for display. If you need a little more room for thighs and calves go for a relaxed fit, or in the ass to go low

size, low pockets and things balance at the ankle burned. This season is dark colors and textures.
- A leather jacket is an autumn / winter basic. Choose one good feminine cut, no need to look like a biker unless you choose

this style.
- A classic costume If you donâ € ™ t wear work is ideal for many occasions.
- A white blouse is versatile and feminine
- A cover layer again to make a feminine cut with a length that suits you.
- Boots there are many refreshing changes to the classics this year
- Evening dress think the whole team before purchasing and make sure you have shoes and jewelry to match, maybe get

a versatile dress can be dressed for occasions too.
- Heels shoes to dance all night
- Appropriate bag barrel bag for travel clutch bag for evening shoulder bag, for days.
- Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the correct underwear. Start with a good base and the rest of the team

follow. Go get measured if you are not sure.

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