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What is the going rate for child care in New York?

I know this is long, but there is a need for more details. My daughter is 15 and has 3 years experience in child care. Today is the care of two girls, 2 and 9. Should not run home, but as she works from 7:15 am - 4:15 pm you need to prepare breakfast and lunch for the children. (The parents reported the year 9 years can be sustained, but my daughter is not about to make breakfast and / or food for young children and say to another to make your own bad if she cooks for both) parents have told us that "No You can remove your child's eyes, gets into everything. "My daughter likes to try to do things with girls, like this morning, brought all our orders accounts used to make jewelry. Later today I'll stop and take them to the park and take it back when I go home. As to the question - What do you pay one hours so it was in detail above? At present, it becomes $ 3.00 per hour!

It is so poorly paid. An adult would be $ 10.00 per hour. Being she is 15 years old, paid $ 8.00 per hour. The $ 3.00 now receive barely covers the gas in your car to the driver's seat! I think it's time to step in. This people will take advantage of it.

2009 fashion jewelry pearl Forecast

Prologue: In 2009, youâ € ™ ll see brilliant colors and more natural fashion jewelry accounts € |

Spring 2009 is just around the corner and Thereâ € ™ s the best time to plan upcoming jewelry trends of the band right now, before spring 2009 and summer really begins! Predicting the future Fashion trends in jewelry is always a bit of a game, but Iâ € ™ ve been reading a lot of fashion magazines, listening to my clients visit my pearl jewelry display table and generally talking to people about what they want. There are trends for 2009 and defined here are some things that Iâ € ™ m hearing:

Natural Colored

I saw some emphasis on "nature" of influences that sometimes occurs in materials like wood or stone used in jewelry accounts, but Iâ € ™ ve seen as much more "flower" and "sheet" and accounts in the form of hanging on the scene. All botanical or organic search accounts jewelry or remain popular this Iâ € ™ ve seen. I donâ € ™ t do much, but Iâ € ™ ve actually had the question was whether I everything I have "the natural heat."

Big and beautiful

It seems that the days of delicate pieces of metal jewelry have been brilliant at the moment and gemstone jewelry, large, colorful and cereals are always very popular at that time. People continue to ask for more â € € œchunkyâ jewelry, some with large stones and crystals that attract the eye, sometimes with asymmetrical patterns or beads at least curiously cut and gemstones.

Cocktail Rings

If you buy, use or make rings, consider œrings € with bling! € cocktail rings are generally diamond on top, or are the beautiful stone rings too colorful, bright and, yes, sometimes a little loud. But thatâ € ™ s part of the celebration! These accompanied with bright and bold jewelry accounts can use and could even match or filled with precious stones or pearls similar. You can make rings cocktail with pearls gemstones, glass beads or almost all other shiny materials.

Charms & Pendants

Again, go with bold and brilliant jewelry analysis, which shows more than a beautiful chain that is consistent with a big fat diamond or precious stone pendant or charm in the end?

Modern Metals

Yes, nature is thick, but it is still possible for metals in beaded jewelry, especially when it is sleek and modern or even mixed with natural materials like wood and stone beads. There are always people who like more â € € œmodernâ beads and jewelry design, compared several accounts of traditional jewelry. You can buy modern beads jewelry or you can go for a more singular and achieve

accounts jewels washers hardware!

Silver and Gold

The money has been popular in recent years and will probably continue, but youâ € ™ ll also see more gold, and even chains of two colors and metals that are used in both accounts and jewelry. Some of the Trollbeads silver and gold are excellent examples of mixed metal is used as an amulet or a pendant in jewelry accounts.

Fake foreign influence

Iâ € ™ m still see a lot of Moroccan and Asian influences in fashion, furniture and jewelry, even. Influences donâ € ™ t have to be absolutely authentic or "realistic", but the feeling of something coming from a foreign country and time are always popular. Even the big chains Stores are capturing this feeling and a lot of goods at home and jewelry that emit "Pier One" vibe vaguely Indian or Middle East. When youâ € ™ re creating jewelry pearl necklaces or bracelets that you might consider using black wooden beads (natural) and mix with the metal Oriental Many who seek coins and rings with a hole in the center for foreigners to feel!


You want to feel light and bold, but remember that all natural! Wild neon and synthetic dyes are not popular, but certainly brilliant natural colors that are in both href = ""> Clothing and jewelry. Again, I rely on the Pantone color experts in their fashionable colors chosen for the year 2009. Donâ € ™ t forget to watch the 28-page guide in Adobe Acrobat format here! Itâ € ™ s fun and inspiring! Iâ € ™ m thinking about printing Some pages and hanging in my starting area for inspiration when Iâ € ™ m creating my jewelry.

Finally, if you jewelry trends have seen the other accounts for the year 2009 that I missed, pls Donâ € ™ t hesitate to let me know ...

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