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I want to make a collage ...?

I try to make a collage of things that my husband and I have done together (movie tickets, etc) and bought things for me (Bear, pink etc) Does anyone have any idea? I have framed, but I'm not sure how to do with the things I have. Of course, I would have to fill Bear! I love making records and saving everything haha!

You can make a shadow box, then close the front with a piece of cut glass hardware, then you just cut thin wood molding (trim) to adapt to each side to hold the glass in the bow and down with small nails plate!

Some scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving

The season of thanks is upon us, and we want to capture family memories in a way that always be easy to remember, for the good times of life still goes fast, like sand sifting through an hourglass. A nice idea scrapbooking Thanksgiving is to create a memory revenue, which tells the story of her family through the form of recipes passed from generation to generation. Here is some tips on how to organize your recipe scrapbook material Thanksgiving memory.

Gather all the recipes you want in the memory and photos or ephemera to associate with the presentation. Take your time to this phase of the operation, regardless hurry you may be about to complete their scrapbook ideas for Thanksgiving before the holiday. You'll feel bad if you miss an idea album Thanksgiving and then find after finishing the memory / album.

At the meeting of their recipes and photos scrapbooking Ideas for Thanksgiving, take notes on each. In fact, buying a magazine just for special notes and save for other scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving.

How do I read the recipe that makes you feel? What evokes special memories? Are there any family stories or funny stories related to the recipe? Is it written by hand or machine? Add your opinion through your mind. Draw a floor plan of your pages so they know what will go where and what you need to meet your ideas Thanksgiving Scrapbook.

Decide a model for their scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving. idea scrapbooking effective for Thanksgiving organize the material as if it were a cookbook for transmission to future generations. You create a family heirloom is priceless than any other, and perhaps more by the effort it affects. To use a format cookbook that your scrapbooking idea for Thanksgiving, consider dividing the book in the different sections you will find in a real cookbook, one for appetizers, main courses, desserts, etc. Instead of an annex the names of those whose recipes are included.

Do not save on materials for your scrapbooking idea for Thanksgiving. Want your memory to last, not without having to buy the best materials. Do not be afraid to try something different for your scrapbooking idea of Thanksgiving. What is chalk, paper or perforated punch art for his cookbook laptop memory /?

If you decide going to chalk as one of the scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving, the practice of adding and blending colors on a separate sheet before applying a reduction of chalk to get an idea of the technique of fusion. Chalk is very low cost scrapbooking idea for action Action grace and is a very effective way to decorate a page in color. Apply light pressure to look soft and heavier for the most intense color. Opt photo-safe decorating chalks, which contain concentrated pigment and are acid free. Use them carefully and in case of breakage, with the exception of the parties because you can still be used for other scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving.

Paper piercing is another technique to consider for your ideas Scrapbooking for Thanksgiving. Using a template, a piercing tool and pad, you can create a unique presentation for his cookbook / memory. The designs can be flat or raised, but the results are endless. Many themes and styles are available and the piercing can add texture or in combination with the placement of signs of improvement or relief scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving.

Punch Art also offers a variety of possibilities Scrapbook ideas for your Thanksgiving. Can be used to decorate the edges or headers in his cookbook memory to accentuate the theme of the Action Thanksgiving. Set your own stage with the colors of the season, orange, maroon, gold and brown. The characteristics are very versatile and can be made in many shapes and sizes, limited only by the limits of their imagination. Some shots of the most common standard geometric shapes, hearts, stars, spirals, leaves and bears. As the words of that old song, when it comes to scrapbooking ideas to beat Thanksgiving, something happens.

Thus, considering her cookbook / memory scrapbooking ideas for Thanksgiving like something your family treasure the seasons ahead. Inspired to make a unique creation that are the pride of any platform in his house. Let your imagination run wild, while recalling that day party happy, healthy and memorable Thanksgiving.

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