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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Beary Patch products and information here meets your needs.

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How do you pick a name for your Dog? Does he/she have a nick name?

Do you go by the colour, like patches, if the pet is multi coloured, or do you go by their behaviour? My dog died 3yrs. ago he was 14yrs. old. His name was Nicki, but his nick name was Boo Boo, yeah, you know like the little Boo Boo from Yogi Bear! I used his nick name more often, he just looked like a Little Boo Boo. When I went out with him, of course he was this little dog with a big heart and big confidence in himself so I had to call him Nicki so he wouldn't be embarassed! lol
The person here that asked if my dog died 3yrs. ago, why am I asking about pet names now? My reply is, because it was his B-Day yesturday and I still think of him alot!

I have 8 dogs
i have a golden named sandy we named her that because we took her to apark that had sand laid out on it and we couldnt find her because her hair is similar to the ground.
i have a mutt named Dallas because she has brown and black on her.
and another named Suzy Q which is a schnauser we usually call her Q, Sue, or Suzy but we named her that because she barks so much that we got the name frome the baby doll Suzy talks alot.
i have a flat coat/ lab mix and named Beary we call her bear sometimes and we named her that because she looks like a bear.
and we have a chiwawa whos name is Peanut Butter but we call him Peanut we named heim that because hes got brown spots all over him.
the rest we just came up with theres also a bailey which is bearys little sister and scotty a missy


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