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Animals Potter

Peter Rabbit is a product of the imagination of the most creative Beatrix Potter. The author was born in 1866 in Kensington Victorian London. His house was large and sumptuous, rich family. He was raised with several servants, a shy girl who had spent many hours each day by itself.

Beatrix Potter learned many artistic things from her governess. She taught the writer about music, art, reading and writing. His only company was his other regular full-time nurse. Beatrix Potter had one brother. Bernard six years her junior was away at boarding school most of the time and a partner Beatriz only during the summer months.

In June, July and August Bernard Potter Beatrix Potter and benefited outside Scotland Lake District, where the family was on vacation. Bernard and Beatrice ran through woods and fields, hunting wild animals, and sometimes take a little. The sketches of their favorite wild animals in their natural habitat.

In these days of summer Perfect increased the cult of Beatrix Potter Wildlife and nature natural. A local influence and adult friend, Canon Rawnsley, vicar of Scottish Lake District, has attracted attention with stories about how tourism can destroy and manufacturing environment.

The Potter were overprotective parents of both Beatrice and Bernardo. They discouraged their son and daughter to make friends with other children the age of premises. Beatrice and Bernardo approached each other because of this. Together, they created a huge collection company of wild animals in the fields and forests.

Follow these creatures in their own school room. There were moments where Beatrix Potter and his brother Bernard were the guardians of a lizard, several water newts water, a snake, a rabbit, a turtle and a frog at a time. As the two brothers were involved in habitat, they also stressed. From these friends and grew creature sketches of animal characters in the books of Beatrix Potter.

Benjamin Bouncer was Beatrix Potter's animal pal preferred. Benjamin was the predecessor of Peter Rabbit. Beatriz found in a bird shop in London. She kept buying his mother and father behind him in his room a paper bag without telling anyone except Bernard. She has developed a story of a rabbit that Benjamin liked hot buttered toast is used to run quickly to the room every time tea Bell rang. I knew that the time means teatime toast too.

Peter Piper, also created by Beatrix Potter, has come antics of Beatrix and Bernard rabbit preferred men. They bought the rabbit in Belgium and that rabbit, particularly enjoyed lying on the carpet in front of the house chimney. Potter tales of a Peter Piper said he learned tricks quickly, jumped through hoops, bells rang and played the tambourine.

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