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Collecting Chinese snuff â € "Magic Stone Pictures!

For a number of years, we have created, but what I say, a very important Snuff Bottle Collection. My wife, thank you God, shares my interest in these bottles, but perhaps I warn you, collection of something is a bit like a bug, once caught, is with you forever and can be quite an obsession!

Ever searched for pebbles or shells along the sea, the selection of them in color or shape and found a call to the management of them, so much so, he simply could not throw garbage? If yes, you have the makings of a dedicated collector.

Part of the fun Possession of these bottles is the tactile appeal in handling.

Unlimited possibilities

There is also a large number and diversity collection opportunities. A collection could based on one major Chinese arts and in all possible areas that would be really important to have Good examples of these miniature works of art.

There collections based on Jade and hard stones sizes, others prefer Glass and Crystal overlap or China, or enamel cloisonné, or if you want to start a collection of paintings.

I can not imagine how difficult it is to receive a collection of bottles on Chinese painting, but they exist. landscape scenes signed and remarkable images, even with excellent penmanship (Often poems) have actually been painted inside glass bottles and stones.

Some libraries have bottles rare stone carving, painting, or amber and ivory. Most collections consist of favorite collection item, but also a variety of other precious bottles. There are collections that use the theme, animals, or a color that Imperial yellow or blue and white, and as there are so many possibilities, no two collections are always the same thing.

International Connections

For anyone thinking of buying bottles snuff I should explain that this is a research internationally. There is even a "Chinese Snuff Bottle Society International" with many members and assets. Having been members for a period of time, we found that peers are people so interesting pleasant.

There is a link between a trap that leads to friendship, until we meet in the auction rooms that is! Worth joining, because it is a very informative quarterly journal, full of large color photographs. Information is surprisingly, freely shared among members and specialist outlets. So much can be learned in this way, in fact much more than the study of the many beautiful books, beautiful on the subject.

Dangerous Temptation

Most people meet for the first of these bottles is likely to be in the antique shops, auctions and antiques fairs, or in a museum or perhaps a meeting of collector. Once seen, some are tempted when he is Suite with a bottle to buy, but too often these first purchases are of very poor quality. Later, after gaining more knowledge, these first bottles so often prove disappointing. They can often become costly mistakes. Unfortunately, too many bottles that waves, some are even new in fact benefit from the collective madness. Even an article like this can lead someone to go shopping without sufficient knowledge, I hope.

My opinion is that in addition to joining the company, participate in certain sales Auction skylights and visit some of the distributors.

When you go to auction houses, make sure you go the day display, usually one or two days before the sale. The first impression will probably be disappointed because there will be many bottles of poor quality and to see so many all lying down, behind glass, this is not the best way to present them.

Be sure to select some of its Favorites inspection and application. Then you can manage a few, and that is where the magic begins. I do not know how to explain what happens, but something a tactile pleasure that comes only from much handling.

Our Collection

I must say that my first bottle not immediately grab my attention. Surrounded by many beautiful and colorful bottles of all shapes and sizes in a dealers display cabinet, This bottle seems brown and beige a little monotonous. Over time, I came to inspect and then I realized that I had to buy.

Only another collector can fully appreciate the irresistible attraction of a more just like it is closer to the feeling of love at first sight. I was told that Students tend to widen, and this is one of the signs Beware of dealers and collectors and, of course, always try desperately to camouflage our interest. This bottle was purchased, which remains a favorite, and has formed the basis of our collection.

Our collection includes many types of bottles, but mostly Hardstone known image characteristics such as agate, each of which is unique because it can never be two are alike. To appreciate these bottles I need to say more about how a stone bottle was made. All good principles of snuff bottles were made to be used and must be small, but capable of storing large quantities of tobacco that, too heavy, as they carried on their person, often in the manga. These bottles were designed to be comfortable in the hand and were sealed with a stopper cork, to keep the snuff at its best.

In Europe, hinged boxes were used, but may be moisture China has led to prefer bottles with corks. All skylights have a stopper in which a cork is fixed, and the other end of the cork is an ivory spoon. These bottle caps rarely matched in the size and shape. It was a matter of personal choice as to what type and the color was considered best to go with the bottle.

Empty bottles well

bottles carved stone in a variety forms, but always with a relatively small opening in the neck normally about 5mm in diameter. Imagine a piece of quartz rock is not zero, even with your stainless steel knife, however, in the 18th century this was carved in a bottle-shaped bulb.

The following has been drilled through embedded neck and that little hole, so that even difficult areas like the shoulders of the bottle are very slim. Fine bottles are so well dug that are more like glass blown, and aptly described as "thin shell. If you put water into a container to trap enough air to float.

Well Did I mention that drilling has been used the information available on methods of production is incredible, as the drill and cutting discs are issues with the foot "Heath Robinson". But I think after several years of experience, gained more control and feel is possible with modern electronic equipment (essential in the Jade work as parts of the stone may fracture while others are very difficult).

Most of the stature achieved by grinding with Jade, gemstones, sand and other abrasive particles. First by drilling and then recess Carefully digging tools-file. These tools were made by hammering metal on the shape of abrasive particles that, once incorporated, fold easily reach the hardest parts.

The Chinese side appreciates these wonderful stone bottles, which were built many types of stone, the purity of material, including Jade widely appreciated. Chalcedony quartz bottles show once the shell based thin outstanding marks the formation of crystals.

Fail Pictures

Everyone I'm sure you can appreciate the bottles as beautiful form and purity stone can not fail to impress. What I find even more fascinating is the incredible way, deliberately, brilliantly exploiting flaws and inclusions often present on rocks.

Most quartz and jade stones have an outer layer of different color, especially stones from riverbeds. They also defects and failures, as well as material from other colors, often deep into the stone. Sometimes there may be inclusions as skin, very fine, others have observed large patches.

The problem is that nobody knows exactly what is on the rock until cuts are made, secrets are revealed stone. With this type of "material facts are agates photo. The best of these bottles is incredible as inclusion, which forms the image appeared in the right place, as if to order!

There are different types of work within this group of cylinders and the former are what we call "Cameo carvings. They enjoy an outer skin or type of bubbles as they can be very thick and are carved in relief. Another type is called Shadow Agates and take advantage of these markings on the bottle when with the help of a small size creates an image. Finally, the most fascinating are called "Silhouette Agates' but in this group without apparent size is necessary. The image is obtained mainly by the angle and the choice of the shape and size and position of the cylinder formed in the rock. These bottles should be considered to be believed.

What is really shocking to me is the fact that there is a few of these bottles with pictures of both sides!

Unfortunately, some of they were signed. We know only that there was a certain school of carvers known as "school of Suzhou. His works are easily recognizable by the style and quality size, besides the fact that they make use of each mark on the stone to form the image. They are amazing when bottles good, but there is more work that tend to be too rigid and lacks the stature of the atmosphere more fluid artistic master sculptors. Unfortunately almost none of these bottles are very well dug.

Our first bottle

Thus, to describe my first purchase was a "share Shadow Agate Bottle picture "of a smaller size, and well dug. It is a most appropriate theme and color a bottle of red inclusions Snuff it used to show "Ho-Shang Putai. He is always portrayed as a fat man with a bare chest and the abdomen and is the patron saint of tobacconists. This bottle seemed surprised by a bat while sitting in leaf tobacco and snuff. Bats for the Chinese is a symbol of luck. You can see the ease with which he seems well placed inside the bottle, but only one head and After his hands were carved. (See the photo using the link at the bottom of this article.)

He now has a number of images to illustrate and agate the different types described, photography duck mushroom Lingzhi in its beak is a good example "Silhouette". Indeed, the fungus is a symbol for hope a long life. This bottle is very rare because there is a recess carved originally to create the image that is built on a plate. (See photo using the link at the bottom of this article.)

Finally, a good bottle of fish with pictures of both sides: the pair of fishes are cameo carved Chinese represent fidelity and happy conjugal rights in marriage. On the other side of a fish and aquatic plants make use of all marks on the stone, all in a sealed container which is very well made hollow. All these bottles are presented have been made between 1750 and 1860. (See the photo using the link at the top of this article.)


Indeed, the judge size hard stone, the first consideration must be affected by the overall artistic impression. You must be convinced that the work is well composed and well placed and the images are a bit stiff and awkward flow. The next step is to have a closer look at technical skills. When I see a kind of small role in the size to study the shape and finish of the background, near the edge of the sculpture. In poorer bottles This can be indented, uneven and not as well polished as the rest. Really good examples, it appears that the raised cameo part has simply been attached to a bottle beautifully formed. in his best recorded work is very precise and provides the details. When looking around a bottle engraved poor parts can be very Gross.

Care, amazing glass imitation stone bottles exist. To see if these use a magnifying glass and look for tiny bubbles or pin size holes on the surface. As a last resort, if it is still in doubt, a penknife scratch easily if the base glass, whereas a stone will not be corrected.

In assessing the value of all illustrations of a careful monitoring of damage is essential. With stone bottles on the following help. First, assess the effectiveness of the bottle has been dug by holding the hands of light. Inspect the stone under all angles of light and the light from behind. If the stone is cracked is often visible as a star-shaped from the point of impact. Some stones have natural flaws that are not cracks. Then there is a good overview on the edge of the foot and neck of the bottle, because these areas are more sensitive damage. If it does not follow that I consider the proportions to ensure that none of them was crushed to extract a chip.

To inspect the neck down as indicated on the bottle the top surface should be concave and not flat. Bottles who had the neck repaired to eliminate the damage is still flat, and you can be sure not original.

skylights were used

There is another approach that I personally think it's important. More bottles of the best stones were made between 1750 and 1860, although many poor bottles have been made since then, until today. These bottles have not been completed at the end of use and some call "pieces of office and can be identified fairly easily. They are a little hungry, anyway. Some just have a hole drilled in and feel too heavy. They also tend to be very showy in the choice of materials, with impractical rather high and strong sculptural feel bad the most comfortable in his hand. There are other so delicately carved that one instinctively knows that could not survive use real. You can make these judgments by comparison. Experience is necessary and it takes time to acquire.

Small is beautiful

There are advantages in collecting very small objects, because they are not too intrusive and can be easily blocked. This is very important if your partner does not share not your interest! They can also make a beautiful screen, without interrupting your entire house.

Try to be sure they are very excited about the collection before you buy. Once you place in your house and looks so small and cute is a matter of time before reaching the conclusion that a small group of bottles will be much more enjoyable. This tends to play in the mind and so as we all hooked!

About the Author

John N. Cohen A past director of Jacey Cinemas Ltd. Later the proprietor of a design & photographic studio, now a director of Jacey Homes Ltd., a property development company. Interests and Hobbies: A top international award winning photographer who also became a well known Asian antiques collector and an enthusiast of Jensen British classic cars. Other interests are skiing and Salsa dancing.

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The author has been a very keen collector for many years in helping to create ‘The Cohen collection’.

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