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Hello 🙂 hope your good!

Ok so i have a halloween party to go to soon and the theme is 'Zombies'.
You have to dress as a kind of zombie eg, nurse zombie, disney zombie, cheerleader zombie etc..

Me and my friend have decided we want to go as the grady twins for the film 'The Shining'. either that or school girl twins zombies.

I need your help to find the dresses they wear! either ones simular to the grady twins, which are like a pretty blue with a white ribbon round the middle (google image them) or if not just like the blue gingham school dresses you can but obvs in a bigger size.

any ideas???....

Big Love,


you could try amazon or ebay if you have accounts there though they take a few days be delivered 🙂

How to create amazing wedding or casual

By choosing to use for informal wedding invitations, we offer a amazing variety of ways to integrate personalization on the subject. In choosing color, text, photos and fonts, you can customize the invitations Wedding casual to the point that formal invitations, have simply not allowed. Here are ten ways the safest to create beautiful invitations, casual wedding that reflects your wedding and undeniable love that you and others share significantly.

  1. Start with a theme that describes the love shared by two.

Start by exploring the hundreds of models available online wedding invitation and in stores. If you choose an online wedding that is able to help many aspects of planning your wedding, you can coordinate your invitations color with the rest of your wedding theme. You can also narrow your choices based on their motivations, or flowers, hearts, contemporary, romantic or whatever you want. If you have trouble choosing your topic, browse the available models for inspiration.

  1. Choose colors you like.

The use of color is one of the most striking to establish their invitations apart from all others. For a more contemporary approach may choose to use a theme of subtle colors, like a flat edge aligned with a white card. If you choose to have a wedding theme eccentric, try splashing the canvas with a lively floral print invitation that the ecological environment Dream American "theme, in your choice of orange poppies and delphinium blue. The use of color in a wedding invitation can really bring to life on a par with its overall theme.

  1. Consider the source.

If choose colors, it is important to note also the font style and color. You can choose from a wide variety of colors for the text of the invitation of the black red and any other. It is advisable to choose a color that really pop and stand out from your invitation. Some styles, such as eye-catching pink will choose between two colors of ink including one for the text of the invitation and the other for the couple's names.

  1. Invitation Style.

When choosing your invitation, it is important to ask whether you prefer a traditional invitation invitation card or folded flat. Perhaps you would be interested in a dual deployment time cut edges joining the invitation, or perhaps an invitation style printed postcard with your favorite photo of you and another partner. You can refine your choice like this until you find an invitation that reflects the ceremony wedding you envision. There are countless options to choose the most popular styles invitation, including vertical and horizontal maps, and maps that fold toward the center.

  1. Beam matches your invitation to your wedding theme.

Try to see the wedding invitations that are designed to match your wedding theme in general. If you have a beach wedding or a wedding in a tropical try to pick out invitations to a destination in mind about. For example, you can easily find romantic wedding invitations shells with reliefs and bands of blue for the more contemporary bride. If you marry in a castle can choose a wedding invitation registered with a castle and the knight in shining armor in subtle pearl. Doing a little shopping around you talk about everything from invitations available country edged gingham check invitations Elegant Wedding ultra-contemporary sprinkled a pelican single brilliant in his choice of color.

  1. Personalize the text of your wedding invitation.

It is important to choose the right words for your wedding invitation. If you are unsure how all the words you want to tell your potential customers, you can get help writing a wedding invitation template. If you request the honor of his presence of guests, or asking for the pleasure of your company, there are many ways to word their wedding invitation to make a more personal and informal. You could, for example, invite your guests: "Come share our joy we started our life together" or " Celebrate with us, we are hooked! "The options are endless.

  1. Add flowers to his personal invitation text.

When writing the wedding invitation temporary, you can choose flowers or ornamental to serve as separators inside of its frontiers or invitation text. Small flowers can work to add a little spice to your wedding invitations casual or provide a bit of formality. Top your wedding invitations wedding bells stylized text, or perhaps a bride and groom little cartoon, a more informal approach. Add calligraphic swirls for a touch of formality to an otherwise casual invitation. Note that plays very few can make a strong impression on the attractiveness of your invitation marriage together.

  1. Ate a whole invitations.

One trend invitation Marriage popular in recent years is the banner of the band. Wrapped with satin ribbon bows dishes are a nod to the romance, but you can give decidedly informal contact, change the material of the band. Instead of the more common options organza or satin, raffia choose an invitation or grosgrain ribbon thin country style polka dot for a casual look fresh and modern.

  1. Wrap your invitation on parchment

Velin jackets are not only for more formal invitations. You can add a delicate touch to any style invitation informal and contemporary. Choose a jacket just folded and sealed with a gold seal stamped with the word love. Jackets and coats can add a special touch to invitations casual and contemporary. attached leaf or strips can be used to connect the jacket closed.

  1. Buy blank invitations and do everything yourself.

The more you do, the more you can personalize your invitations. When you choose to print their calls at home, you can choose your preferred font, rearrange lines and text, or even add your own personal creations or clipart.

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