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Versace brand's history of Fame

"Versace" the history of the brand recognition did not last long but this experience for a decade or two short has become a brand with Armani, Gucci, Valentino, and as the famous Italian fashion brand of the four 1.

Versace appearance of its founder, Gianni Versace perfect for fashion, extreme passion, and accidental death, but also the opportunity of adding a single mystery.

Gianni Versace was born December 2, 1946 in southern Italy, the son of a salesman, because the work is often a remote place, the mother is a clothing designer, has a small workshop. Versace poetry since childhood, to produce a strong interest for fashion design. At 18, he joined the studio of her mother when the wizard is mainly shop drawings and seamstress. 25 years, Versace moved in the fashion capital of Milan to world-renowned, officially for costume design to earn a living. With a super-perceptive and ability to learn, In 1978, Versace in Milan, has successfully organized the first exhibition has its own signature women, Versace brand was born.

The principle, Versace and modern fashion designs and did not cause an impact around the world, until he meets well-known American fashion photographer Richard Avedon in support of it, the unique design Versace style, extraordinary beauty of the early work appeared in magazines major mode of coverage in the world. The vanguard of its strengths, the unique charm of the Renaissance and imaginative style with a rich, slightly around the world of fashion are respected.

In 1982, the annual fall and winter clothing Nvzhuang Zhan Versace introduces a dynamic well-known metal, is most later became his clothes in fashion design in a classical function. In 1986, Versace was awarded the President of the Republic "of Italy to honor" medal. In 1989, Versace has finally between the club of France in the circle of fashion in Paris will be published quarterly as part of their brand new work base. In 1993, he earned a reputation as the American Oscar Awards International Fashion Designers Association.

Versace clothing brand popular classics and temperament, and walk between elegance and worldly art. design features of this luxury brand, the colors of precious stones as, smooth lines, the asymmetry of charm xiếc way Versace always shine.

identify customers Versace quite different, ie are not black nobility rock by hand, strong Ayton Madonna, Bon Jovi, lighting Dinatenuo world of art that are her fans. It will be artistic passion A wonderful design standards and their own first-hand the success model then grow together into a show planners international luxury fashion and participate more actively.

However, the most brilliant career, when in July 1997, the house of Versace in Miami before being shot. His death the company was again shaken by instability, a few months later, his sister Donatella Versace heir to the head design. Donatella collaboration with his brother in 1981, was initially in the company almost nothing to do but play Versace "Inspired by the goddess the role, and wearing a Versace dress their own experiences in the world of fashion. Final 80 of the last century, by virtue of their creative talents, began his brother, Vice-line is designed for youth, children's clothing products and series. In 1993, she was taken completely by brand Versace Wei is still time (Versus) "business.

Some people say that the concept of fashion and designer Donatella, so full of passion than his brother. However, under the direction of it, the fashion brand Versace Versace I can check them against a more diverse the style floral Versace has always been, outside the modern professional woman began walking the path. Currently, the Versace Group, with the exception of fashion but also perfume business sunglasses, scarves, ties, clothing, bags, leather goods, porcelain, glassware, pens, bedding and furniture etc, we can say that modern design to life of each of these areas.

Thurs Versace Group in the death of Versace has been divided into three. Donatella has two, three brothers and sisters aged fans, in the company's operations and finances You Sancheng Chanteau brother. The five others, according to his will Versace, left what he calls the "Little Princess" daughter of Donatella, Alleg The Cobek Fansi.

Versace logo

Versace Logo: Versace empire marked In Greek mythology Medusa Sha Madu, beautiful hair is composed of a snake tip of hair is a serpent's head.

From Gianni Versace has strong roots in literary and artistic execution, and a lover of Greek mythology, so he used the Greek mythology, the snake made parthenopipes "Medusa" as a trademark of the brand. Legend of the connection with the goddess Medusa (Athena) Zhengyan Doo Korea Athena, it was Athena punishes her and her head into a monster snake. According to legend, if the eye is connected to the Medusa turned to stone. Thus, Medusa was then used as a pull fatal to a woman symbol. Gianni Versace did with the logo of the Medusa, Versace can be a vision of the style of the brand: bright, exaggerated and momentum to force people. To-yan, was unconditional and "Yan", the word in his head.

The design came from a master tailor - Versace

Versace was born December 2, 1946 in Reggio Calabria in southern Italy, grew up in a world of fops of fashion custom design. Versace boutique child clothing of the mother Gan Huo. I was nine when her mother helps design the dress, remember the first series, a velvet dress to shoulder? After high school, Versace was not interested in the program school course will continue to help the mother to participate in the clothes. Another little hobby was music Versace, likes the songs popular in the southern Italy, the modern pop music and classical opera. In 1972, Milan, in the eyes of a clothing manufacturer Versace at work, and called Versace and his mother asked the north of Milan. Versace excited and immediately took the train from Milan to start her fashion career when only 23 years.

Soon, a door clothing store called several wear, Versace developed by IBM, they succeeded, who designed the clothes are extremely popular. Welcomes Co-presented him with a Volkswagen Beetle. Until the time came, the family received a Bianba Versace Milan, a common approach the traditional family, founded the family business. Refusing to people living under the Versace in 1978 founded the first in a series of garments.

80's rock love Versace see the impact of music on young people is constantly expanding, we take this opportunity to interact with the rock star co-presented the rock and roll clothing, which is a major turning point in his career. The mountains and rivers, and cultural traditions of his hometown became Versace suits Master provides a solid foundation. The origins of Rome, Greece, the ancient cultural sites, the company has deeply influenced the culture in the classic, Versace's work can be seen in his young age the art of being fed. After 20 years of effort, Versace is now the other three with the maestro of Italian fashion Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino and the couple with the Wizards.

Versace empire marked in Greek mythology Medusa Sha Madu, beautiful hair is formed by a snake and the tip of the hair is a serpent's head. She represents a fatal attraction, trying to see the beauty in his person instantly turned into stone, the deterrent is looking for Versace.

On not surprising advance

In the highly competitive market, the role of advertising should not be underestimated. Versace spent on advertising in the cause of a desire to do. The first is the advertising industry to make friends, especially photographers, the results are often Versace. His clothes these people understand the dynamics and trends. The second is taken awareness, to mobilize all means to promote your company's products. Exquisite product brochure Versace participate in public activities is a powerful tool, the cartoons printed manuals and attractive design and modern art, a model of classical culture and the beautiful combine to produce a prince charming Snow Princess and many, won the customer.

Responding to strong competition, Versace secret weapon that can most quickly and with the most high speed train judgments, organizational design and production and sales. More Industrial companies of fashion design, pre-sale production lot to spend at least six months, and Versace often uses a combination of lightning action to changing market demand. For example, it is a fabric PVC with a high price of 200 yuan a pair of jeans, Versace, under the personal supervision during the five weeks to complete the design, manufacture and transporting the entire process, including the creation of a new dress in the history of recording.

Logo design summit Versace in Paris in 1989 launched "aphelion" series. This is not satisfied with Versace to dominate the Italian and resolutely determined to joining the French luxury fashion first step. This immediately provoked a wave of Italian fashion in Paris.

The brand is also a major concern Versace. Versace long since discovered that the brand of goods abnormal strength. Versace on the success of women has become increasingly aware find ways to ensure its own brand, using the mark in a profit, must also adapted to the psychology of young people buying consumers to get the texture and very particular about the cost and big, but it is obviously not in a hurry and brand decorative products. In 1994, Versace, Versace launched a signature bedding and household utensils. Versace Fall 1997, is also preparing to open a line of cosmetics, of specialized production and Versace dress paired products.

The clothing empire in Italy, logistics management, enterprise occupies a leading position Versace. Versace has been for a long time in New York, London and Paris, the City established businesses and retail stores, the company's products to meet directly with customers and through intermediaries, to bring the design, manufacture and retail and as organically. United States, "Business Week" article as "Versace on the fashion market, fierce competition in almost all stages of the program has gained a greater advantage in the retail trade. "

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