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What exactly are "fossil fern" fabrics.are they a "batic"...I am new to quilting, and don't know alot about so

have some "fossil fern" fabrics, and want to know what the term "fossil fern" fabric means

"Fossil Fern" is a line of quilting fabrics from Benartex. The link below shows some examples. For some reason the Benartex website isn't letting me in, so I can't say for sure if they are true batiks or if they are commercially printed fabrics that look like batiks. The difference has to do with how they are made - the first answerer explains batiks very well. The biggest difference between a true batik and a batik-patterned fabric is dye. Batiks are dyed to create the pattern (using wax reliefs), where batik-patterned fabrics have the pattern printed on. True batiks can produce colors that are incredible, but they require extra care when using because there is a lot of excess dye. You'll need to pre-wash batiks at least once, and preferably several times before using the fabric.


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