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how do i attach a sewing machine foot?

have lost the instruction booklet and am lost and confused

This would be easier if we knew what sort of sewing machine you had. But in general:

There are several ways of attaching feet. If you have a modern Bernina, there's a catch that holds the foot (with attached "ankle") into position. Raise the presser foot, detach the current foot, attach a new one.

Many sewing machines use "long shank" or "short shank" (and some use "slant shank" feet. Raise the presser foot and look along the bar that rose when you raised the foot for a thumb screw... it may look like a big screw head, or it may look like a turnbutton. Unscrew the thumbscrew a bit, and the foot will fall off. Place the new foot onto the bar and tighten the thumbscrew. Here's an old Singer foot --
The large, knurled screw head to the left of the foot and needle is the attachment screw on this machine. A similar, more modern, arrangement:

The last style is the "snap on foot". Try raising the presser foot and gently pulling or pushing on the "toe" of the foot. If it pops off, you've got a snap on foot -- just reverse the process to install a new one.

Go down to the photo of the "edge stitching foot" in the URL above... if you look to the left side of the foot and up a bit, you'll see a thumbscrew. Many of the machines that use snap on feet also have a plastic or metal "ankle" that accepts the snap on foot and also can allow the ankle to be removed so it can accept long or short shank feet with the ankle removed at the thumbscrew.

Eurail travel - a way to extend a holiday to Europe

You can effectively extend a touring holiday in Europe for several days and perhaps save money. To do this, you need a Eurail pass and a low long-term planning. Here how it works. With a Eurail Pass you can visit the center to city center in Europe a great comfort at a reasonable price.
The key to this is the center of the expression "the city downtown.
Paris considered. Charles de Gaulle Airport, 23 km north of Paris. If you go in any direction by taxi which costs the national debt and takes 45 minutes. Buses and trains but your journey will not be less than 45 minutes. Leaving, you must go through security and airlines would like to see before takeoff. at least one hour, sometimes two hours.
Thus, on a flight that you are up to six hours, never less than four, are used to reach the airport, check-in fly, pick up your luggage. After arriving at the center of their destination.
By train in all the capitals of Europe (I searched and found no exception) is the center of the city.
Yes, it should be in ten minutes station before the train leaves - for fifteen minutes to be on the safe side - and to reach its destination, it is the immediate arrival. Your luggage with you and you're there, right in the center of the city. To test this stay in Paris for the moment.
At Easter - one of the busiest times year's Paris - I arrived at the Gare de l'Est, one of the main stations of Paris. The station was the center of tourist assistance - All stations in Europe has a help desk.
There I explained what I wanted - a low cost (as in less than 50 Euros per night) room in a hotel near the Place de la Republic to the rooftops of Paris. And I was confirmed in ten minutes and was happily on my way. (Either By the way, was the fourth most romantic thing I've had in a hotel anywhere and this was Paris in the spring and the chestnuts are in bloom and alas, I was alone.)
On this trip I traveled from Salerno in Sicily via Italy and France, Spain to Barcelona ask for the work of Gaudi, back in Greece, then back to Germany to Mainz. I had a long way to go and this was the best Cheaper and way more enjoyable. Saved me a lot of time and money.
(And if you're interested in old motorcycles you should know I spent my birthday tour of Sicily 350cc Royal Enfield which was an exact replica of the sixties model but made in Madras. I could have hired the 500 cc model but thought that goes a little above.)
Normally, it is only relatively short time to travel - to Paris Lyon is two hours, Amsterdam to Cologne three hours, Geneva to Paris three years and one thirty ET so on - and these will be pleasant experiences, because trains are fast, comfortable (especially in first class) and wonderfully quiet.
The best examples of modern trains of Europe are the trains French TGV, which are part of the city of euros.
I am writing this while traveling in the train high speed train - TGV: a high speed resulting in Basically, the high speed train - from Paris to Avignon. Peace - who are running on rubber tires - is shocking. This is the first class, and no security settings in three vehicles - two and one. I'm in the car, which is adjustable and comfortable.
There is a table top bottom, on which rests my computer.
Now we're biting through the suburbs of Paris more than 200 kmh. Eventually you will reach our cruising speed, which is more than 270 kmh. No electricity, no rattling, no fall, and no hitch.
Transport gentleperson travel in Europe.
For trains between big cities, the best paris trains are very high speed such as the name (Ah, the romance in the names) Catalan Tago, Maria Theresa, Voltaire, Leonardo da Vinci, Etoile du Nord. They are very fast and almost never late.
Sometimes the only train to use high speed, economical and comfortable transport, but sometimes train travel can be a trip well.
Bernina Express in Switzerland, the Bergen Express in Norway, and Lois Lane in France are examples where the journey is part of holiday decor.
Important points to remember:
• Keep in mind that Europeans are very convenient to use a clock of 24 hours in cases of this kind. It's five in the afternoon becomes 1700 hours and nine years and half the evening is 2130. Easy once you get the hang of it.
• When you begin your journey by train, you must have your Eurailpass validated, for which you present your passport. Do it before arriving at an information window of any train station large enough. It will give you your return ticket and a validation slip.
• Keep your validation ticket distinct blocks. Constitutes proof of ownership. (If you are worried about a wart as I make a photocopy of two straight away and do not forget the copy in the lining of his suitcase.)
• Make sure you go to the upright. All Cities in Europe has several different railway stations. This TGV train I ride started from Gare de Lyon in Paris. But there are six main stations in the city of light. The concierge at your hotel will advise.
• Arriving at the station make sure you get on the platform of law and the right vehicle. Signs are always very clear and the railway staff are always helpful. There will be a board confirming the name, number and departure time of train at the entrance the platform on which to do it.
• Achieving the right vehicle, compared with the right gear is essential in modern trains, is the car that is sent by the control equipment to its destination. On the side of each car is an identification sign that tells you the number of the car when the car is heading and the names of the most important judgments the road. Check the panel carefully and, if still in doubt, show your ticket to driver of the train and explain exactly where it goes.
• Limits. A Eurail pass is for x number of trips during a period of time. Do not miss precedence over short distances.
Example: I was in Nice and had to go to Cannes. I went and bought a train ticket. You lose not your Eurail Pass on journeys on trips that last less than an hour.
• The ubiquity. Each season seems to be a Eurail Reservation Office. Be organized and try to book as far in advance as possible if you want a bed. These trains are full, especially during the holiday season, and The sooner you book, the more sure you take the right train.
• Sleeping on the train. If it's a long trip, take the night train and sleep board. In a first class Eurail tickets the bed is part of the package.
This has great advantages. It saves the cost of one night's accommodation and it gets what could be a lengthy journey greater comfort and style. For example, I went from Salerno in Sicily until the first stage in Italy in Genoa and he did in a night train and slept like a baby.
Be careful.
There is a story of a passionate young couple who do not use your bed for sleeping. In a moment of ecstasy the young hung like a madman to be the most close. Unfortunately, there has been communication cable emergency stop.
• If possible, bring your own snacks. He a thought in my mind that food on European trains would be a gastronomic delight. From my experience, is very far from there. In addition, almost all restaurants serve good food at resort very reasonable prices provided you stay away from fast food chains.
• Earn the right stop. As they enter a country to ensure that no established at a suburban stop which is usually before stopping the train station. If in doubt, ask the inspector notes or custody. Not no need to be able to speak the language. Just present your ticket and they will tell you what to do.
• Travel light. If you can not carry your luggage to be filled. Holders exist not. Not all the posts I've ever seen.
• Use all the passes. When planning your route in bold. You can go to Greece Oslo and almost everywhere else in between.
• Is not the United Kingdom. All this applies to Europe except for Great Britain. A Eurail Pass does not work there. Great Britain is not part of Europe. What made you think otherwise?
Sites that can help ...
Eurail: He says, rightly, is the only official Eurail. Namely true. But it is the only site that can give you information. And certainly not the only place where you can sell tickets. However, do a very good starting point because from here you can control the time and potential routes.
Europe: This is not the official site, but could well be considered as such. There is nothing about Eurail they do not know.
Europe by Eurail: Again, this is a trading company selling tickets, but this does not prevent you from having a load of information Useful site.
All Boots n 'Journey: Would you buy a ticket from a company with such a name? We will not be a snob. He has extensive experience the Eurail and its site is very useful.

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