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Would you help me come up with some Craft Ideas?? More information inside.?

I work with a low-income adult population. Some of the population has slight mental or physical disabilities. The majority are “typical” low-income adults. I man the community room and once every two weeks have a “craft” day. So I am trying to come up with some crafts that are suitable for adults but not too expensive or complicated.

I’m looking at doing something:
– Earth Day Related
– Cinco de Mayo Related
– May Day Related
– Mother’s Day Related
– Malcom X Day Related
– Memorial Day Related

(and also just general crafts).

Thanx in Advance.
Just a note. I did look on craft sites and found a lot of children’s crafts. I am looking for things that people have done and has been successful or specific craft ideas vs. craft websites I have to sift through to find the appropriate crafts. I need help. Not a page to sift.

Earth Day: You can use plastic soda bottles as little greenhouses to grow plants in. Basically you add potting soil, water, and a seed, then close up the bottle and leave it in a window to watch it grow. Since the bottle is closed, the water doesn't escape and the bottle forms its own ecosystem. You can get more specific directions with a search.

Cinco De Mayo: God's eyes. These are Mexican decorations that are made with two crossed pieces of wooden dowel (or other small sticks) and then wrapped with yarn. Making one of these is soothing once you get the pattern down and you can make them in any color you choose. Yarn can be had at the craft store for a relatively low cost since you don't need the nicest, softest yarn.

You could also attempt a pinata or two, but you will need to start well in advance of the day to allow your pinata to dry. This is a messy craft that tends to take several sessions to accomplish anything, so only attempt it if you have a very controllable group that likes to finish projects.

May Day: Assuming you don't have the resources to make a big May Day pole for dancing around with ribbons, you could make a smaller one for indoors. Your group can decorate it by making tissue paper flowers. Tissue flowers are easy to make and create a dramatic result that crafters can be proud of.

Mother's day: Paper flowers for mom are a big hit for this one too. Making a card for a loved one is another nice idea. If a lot of your crafters don't have a "mom" in their lives, you could talk to a local nursing home about having your group make cards for the resident ladies. Many of these ladies won't be getting Mother's Day visits, so a card from someone who put time and effort into it can really make their day.

Memorial Day: Consider a craft that can be donated to veteran's organizations when it's finished. If you have the time and ability to teach your group to crochet, each person can make a square or rectangle. When the pieces are finished they can be easily sewn together into a blanket which can be donated. There are many, many veterans charities that accept hand-crafted donations. Many of these organizations are geared toward one specific craft like blanket square collecting so they will know exactly what to do with your donations.

General crafts:

My favorite group craft is cookie decorating. I don't know a person who would snub the chance to smear a cookie in icing and eat it. This isn't the cheapest craft, nor is it the neatest but it does make a great party.

For winter you can teach everyone to make paper snowflakes. You can find books that have patterns for snowflakes where the pattern shows you how to fold the paper, and once the paper is folded, you just cut out the shapes printed on the sheet. You can xerox a few of each kind of flake and let your group cut them out. Use the flakes to decorate your meeting space if you can.

Cutting out seasonal decorations of other sorts. If you can decorate your space (or another space), you can have your group make the cutouts and tape them up. This can be done with flower and bees for spring, green trees and things for summer, leaves for autumn etc. Draw out a simple shape for each pattern and trace it onto several sheets of construction paper. Then have your group cut them out. Think "decorated grade school room" I had teachers who did this monthly for us in school. It was the best day of the month.

There are millions of "easy crafts" out there. You really just have to dig through them and sort out what interests you. It helps to print out pages that you're interested in as you go or to write down the address and a summary of the craft. You can put all of these in a binder or a notebook to keep them in a neat place. Using a binder even lets you move pages around so you can sort your crafts by materials, type, season or whatever makes sense to you best.


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